How to Make Name Tags in Excel (with Easy Steps)

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Name Tags are used very often for practical purposes. This is a useful trick frequently used for efficient data management. In this article, I am going to show you how you can make Name Tags in Excel.

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Steps to Make Name Tags in Excel

For Name Tags, we will have to create a dataset in Excel. Then, we will use Microsoft Word to Name tags from the Excel dataset.

1. Develop a Dataset for Name Tags

First, Let’s have a dataset. The dataset contains three columns. The first two columns are the individual’s first and last name. The last column represents their respective Mail ID.

Make Name Tags in Excel

Our dataset has been created, now we can start the next phase of the task.

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2. Preparing Word Document

After developing the dataset in Excel, we need to prepare name tags in Word. So, Now open a Microsoft Word Document. And follow the procedures.

➤ Go to the MAILINGS ribbon and select the Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard option from the Start Mail Merge tab.

➤ Now, on the right side of the document, select Labels and go to the next step.

Select Labels in Word Document

➤ You can set the document layout as you want. Click on Label options.

Change document layout in mail merge
A window like this will open where you can select your desired layout from the Product number box.

Label Options dialog box in Word Docs
➤ Then, to select the recipient, go to the next step.

Mail Merge in MS Word Documents

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3. Insert Excel Worksheet in Word Document

Now we need to insert the data from Excel into Word. Let’s start that procedure.

➤ Here, select Use an existing list and browse the excel file that you want to Name Tag from.

Mail Merge in Word Document
➤ After browsing the Excel file, this window will open. Our Excel file contains one sheet. So we select Sheet 1. Then keep the mark on First row of data contains column headers and press OK.

Name Tags in Excel

➤ A new window will open. This window contains all the information from Excel Workbook. We want to take all the data so we keep everything marked. And press OK.

Mail Merge Recipients Dialog Box

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4. Arranging Labels for Name Tags

Now, we need to arrange the name tags. For that follow the following procedures.

➤ Select Next: Arrange your labels and go to the next step.

Mail Merge Task Pane in Word Documents
➤ Click on the Address block bar.

Mail Merge Task Pane in MS Word

Another window like this will open. We can see the recipient’s Name on the preview box.

➤ Press OK.

Insert Address Book dialog box

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5. Update All Labels and Secure Document

After that, we need to update the labels and secure the document. This will be the last phase of our task.

➤ Select Update all labels and go to the next step.

Mail Merge in MS Word Document
Doing so, we will have Name Tags in the Word document.

➤ To save the document, go to the next step.

Mail Merge

➤ To save this in a different word document, click on Edit individual labels.


This is how you can make name tags in Excel. Thank you for making it this far. I hope you find this article useful. If there are any queries or suggestions regarding this method, feel free to leave a comment.

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