How to Add Tags in Excel (2 Simple Ways)

Tags are often used in Excel and are very useful for maneuvering data. They save time and are very efficient. In this article, we will show you how you can add Tags for a dataset.

How to Add Tags in Excel: 2 Easy Ways

There are many types of tags used for different purposes. We are going to use the Combination of IF, ISNUMBER, and SEARCH functions and use the Filter feature to add tags in the Excel file.

1. Use of Functions to Tags

In this method, we are going to see the way of adding tags into Excel using a formula combining different Excel functions. Before proceeding to the method, let’s get to know the dataset we are going to use for the article. We have prepared a dataset consisting of Movie names and their Genre.

Add Tags in Excel

We will have a Result and Tag column.

Upon inserting any Genre name in the Tag cell, the Result column will give output.

  • First, insert any Genre name. We chose Drama.

add variable tags

  • Now, write the following formula in D5 and press ENTER.
=IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH($E$5,C5)),$E$5,"Not "&$E$5)

Here, the SEARCH function searches the tag name within the desired cell. And when finds that the function returns a number. ISNUMBER checks whether there is a number or not, and the IF function performs the rest of the task of adding the appropriate result.

Function forlmula to add Tag

So, we can see that the first movie is Not Drama.

  • Now, Hold and Drag the D5 cell downward.

By doing so we get results for all other movies.

Add Tags in Excel

Again, change the tag name. And see, we have got a column of results indicating which movie is a thriller and which is not

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2. Use of Excel Filter to Add Tags

We can add tags using the Filter feature. Let’s try this easy trick of Excel to perform the task. We have the same dataset.

  • First, select the data table

Add Tags in Excel

  • Then, go to the Editing bar. And select the Filter option from the Sort & Filter tab.

So, you will see some bars on both columns.

  • Now select the Genre bar

Add Tags in Excel

A window similar to this will open.

  • Write a specific Genre in the Text Filters box and press OK.

Add Tags in Excel

Thus, the Filter feature will show us records with the Genre name.

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Practice Section

We have provided a workbook in the Download section. You can download the workbook and apply these methods yourself.

Download Practice Workbook

You can download and practice from this workbook.


That’s all for the article. We’ve tried to demonstrate a couple of easy ways to tag in Excel. Now you know how to tag in Excel. We hope you find this article useful. If there are any further queries or recommendations, feel free to comment.

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