How to Link Excel to Word for Automatic Updates

Dataset Overview

Assume you have the following Excel dataset containing store-wise sales.

dataset to link excel cell to word

Step 1 – Enable “Update Automatic Links at Open” for Word Document

  • Open the Word document containing the sales report.
  • Navigate to File >> Options or press ALT + F + T to open Word Options.
  • In the Advanced section, find the option for Update automatic links at open.
  • Check the checkbox and click OK.

enable update automatic links at open

Step 2 – Copy Excel Cell or Dataset

  • Open the Excel document with the sales record.
  • Select the specific cell or range you want to link to your sales report.
  • Right-click and choose Copy (or use CTRL + C).

copy excel cell to link to word

Step 3 – Paste Link and Use Destination Style in Word Document

  • Return to the Word document.
  • Place the cursor where you want to insert the data.
  • Right-click and go to Paste Options >> Link & Use Destination Styles (L).
  • Alternatively, choose Link & Keep Source Formatting (F) if needed.

Paste link & use destination styles

  • Your sales report will now display the linked data. Save and close the Word document.

link excel cell to word

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Step 4 – Update Data in Excel Cell

  • Go back to the Excel dataset and update the sales figures as required.

update excel dataset

Step 5 – Reopen Word for Automatic Update

  • Reopen the Word document containing the sales report.
  • You’ll receive a warning asking if you want to update data from the linked Excel document. Select Yes to confirm.

automatic update warning

  • The Word document will automatically update based on the changes made in Excel.

word document linked to excel cell

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Linking Excel Chart to Word for Automatic Update

Suppose you’ve created a Column Chart in Excel using the same dataset.

Excel chart to link to word

Follow these steps to link the chart to your sales report:

  • Copy the chart in Excel.
  • Open the Word document with the sales report.
  • Place the cursor where you want to insert the Excel Chart.
  • Go to Home >> Paste >> Paste Special.

use Paste Special to link excel chart to word

  • Choose the Paste Link option in the dialog box.
  • Select Microsoft Excel Chart Object and click OK.

paste link as Microsoft Excel Chart Object

  • The sales report will look as follows. Save the Word document.

word with excel chart

  • Modify the dataset in Excel as needed.

change excel chart

  • The chart in the Word document will automatically update based on changes in the Excel data.

automatic update of excel chart linked to word

Note: If the chart doesn’t update as expected, right-click on it and select Update Link.

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Things to Remember

  • Keep the Update Automatic Links at Open option enabled in your Word document.
  • Confirm the automatic update when reopening the file. This ensures your reports stay accurate and up to date.

Download Practice Workbook

You can download the practice workbook from here:

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