How to Attach Email in Excel (with Useful Steps)

If you are looking for how to attach Email in Excel, then you are in the right place. Email is a basic thing in corporate life or any kind of communication. By using Excel we can attach Email for making communication easy. In this article, we’ll try to discuss how to attach Email in Excel.

How to Attach Email in Excel: with Easy Steps

Attaching Emails in Excel is an easy task. We just need to follow some simple steps. To show this, we have made a dataset named Attaching Email. It has column headers as Name, State, Sales, Profit. We need to attach an Email to Jane.

how to attach email in excel

1. Selecting Cell for Attachment

Firstly, select the cell where we need to attach the Email.

Selecting Cell

Secondly, right-click the cell > select Link.

how to attach email in excel

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2. Working with Insert Hyperlink Window

After selecting Link, an Insert Hyperlink window will appear like this.
In this step, firstly, go to E-mail Address.

Working with Insert Hyperlink Window

Secondly, give a mail address in the E-mail Address box.
Thirdly, give a subject name in the Subject box. In this case, it is Attaching Mail in Excel.
Fourthly, click OK.

how to attach email in excel

Eventually, we’ll see that a link is attached to the B6 cell of Jane.

3. Opening Outlook and Sending Mail

Now, we’ll open the mail and send it.
To do this, firstly, click the B6 cell on the place of the link.

Opening and Sending Mail

A window of How do you want to open this? will appear.
Secondly, select any of the options. Here we have selected Outlook.
Thirdly, click OK.

how to attach email in excel

Consequently, we’ll see the address and subject in the Inbox-Outlook window.
Note: To open the outlook mail, we need to have an outlook account and log into the account before selecting outlook.

Here, we have used the email address that may point to the same man. This is just for example purposes, do use address cautiously when attaching the mail in a practical perspective.  

Now, write anything in the body according to the requirement.
Lastly, click the Send button.
And, the email will be sent.

how to attach email in excel

That’s all. So, easy! Note that this procedure will be applicable to any version of Excel, like Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016, Excel 2019, and so on.

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Practice Section

We are attaching a practice sheet that may help you to practice the procedure and gain expertise.

Download Practice Workbook


That’s all about today’s session. These are the ways to attach Email in Excel. We strongly believe this article would be highly beneficial for you. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and queries in the comments section.

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