How to insert a Screenshot in Excel – 3 Steps


How to Take a Screenshot of an Excel Sheet on a Laptop

Using a Keyboard Shortcut:

  • Open the Excel worksheet. Press the Prt Scr.

Take screenshot by Keyboard shortcut to attach in Excel

  • Open a Microsoft Word file and press Ctrl + V.


Use the Spin & Sketch Application:

  • Click the Start button.
  • Select Snip & Sketch.

  • Click New.

Take screenshot by default application of windows to attach in Excel

You can also press Window + Shift + S to enable this feature.

  • A Plus symbol (+) is showing on the screen.
  • Choose the shape of the screenshot as shown in 1.
  • Scrolling this symbol will select part of the screen.

  •  Click and hold the mouse. Select part of the screen using the cursor.

Adjust the screenshot before attach

  • Release the mouse button. The screenshot is displayed.

  • In File Explorer, choose a location to save the image.
  • Click Save.

Save screenshot of Excel

How to Insert a Screenshot in Excel

Step 1 – Choose the Screenshot

  • Open a new Excel file.
  • Go to the Insert tab.
  • Choose Screenshot in Illustrations.

  • Select the worksheet to insert the screenshot.
  • This is the output.


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Step 2 – Crop the Screenshot

  • In Picture Format, select Size.
  • Click Crop.
  • An 8-border mark is displayed in the screenshot.

  • Place the cursor on the right-bottom border mark. Click and hold the mouse and scroll to the left-upper side to select a part of the image.
  • Release the mouse button and click Crop.

Crop attached screenshot in Excel

  • This is the output.

Step 3 – Resize the Screenshot

  • Go to Size.

Resize attached screenshot in Excel

Customize the image.

Alternative method to insert a Screenshot:

  • Go to Picture in Illustrations.
  • Choose This Device.

Alternative way to attach screenshot in Excel

In the File Explorer choose a saved screenshot.

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