How to Add 7 Days to a Date in Excel (3 Methods)

How to Add 7 Days to a Date in Excel (3 Methods)

To keep timely records of your work, you need to add dates to your worksheet. If you manually add your date sometimes this process becomes very painful and irritating. To save your time and increase your efficiency, you can add months or years to date using some specific functions in Excel. This is quite important when you are dealing with large date-based assignments. Today in this article we will show you how to add seven days to a date in Excel.

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Add 7 Days to a date in Excel (3 Methods)

You can add a certain number of days to an existing date by applying some built-in Excel features and functions. Let’s consider a situation where you are working in an online bookstore and every seven days after, you have to deliver some certain books to some customers. Now you can apply some Excel functions or features to insert those days automatically. Let’s discuss those methods.

1. Using the FILL SERIES Method


FILL SERIES is an amazing method that you can apply to add 7 days to a date. In the following example, we have a dataset containing the columns “Book Name”, “Price”, and “Delivery Date”. We need to add 7 days to a specific date in the Delivery Date column.

creating table

But first, we need to change the format of the Delivery Date column. To do this, go to Home, in the Number ribbon, click on this icon icon1 to open different formats. Select More Number Formats to continue.

Home→ Number Ribbon→ Number Format→ More Number Formats

setting up format


A new window popped out. Now in the Category, select the Date, and Type section, choose the date format you like.

selecting type


Now go to Home, In the Editing Ribbon, click on Fill then select Series.

format done


In the Series Formatting Window, check on Columns, Date, and Days. Increase the Step Value to 7 and click OK.

filling series

And we have added 7 days to the previous date successfully.

final result


You can also subtract days to date using the same procedure. Just change the step value from 7 to -7.

subtracting from days

Click OK to get the result.

final result

2. Adding Days to the Previous Date

We can also add 7 days to date using a simple trick by adding 7 to the previous date. Let’s learn this method using two different ways.

i. Adding Seven to the Previous date


We will use the previous example to perform this task. But first, change the Delivery Date column format and add the 1st delivery date in the column.

creating table


In the cell D5, Apply this formula,


This formula will add seven days to the previous date repeatedly.

applying formula

Press Enter to get the result.

getting result


Now take your mouse cursor to the bottom right corner of cell D5. When the cursor shows the cross sign (+), double click to apply the same formula to the rest of the cells.

final result


You can also perform subtract using the same formula. In this case, just change the formula to this


subtracting days

Press Enter then double click on cell D5 to get the final result.

final result

ii. Adding Days with the TODAY function


Let’s assume that you need to add 7 days to today. To do this, add a new column “Days Remained” where the days are mentioned from today’s delivery date.

creating table


In cell E4, apply the TODAY formula. The formula is


Using this function, the numbers from the Days Remained column will be added automatically with the TODAY function.

applying TODAY formula

Get the full result by pressing Enter and double-clicking the cursor.

final result


Using the same way, you can subtract 7 days from today’s date. Just change the formula to this,


And the rest will be done automatically.

subtracting from date

3. Using the DATE Function

The DATE function is an effective function to add years, months, or days to a date. We will use this function to add 7 days to a specific date.


Add the first delivery date manually. Now in cell D5, apply the DATE function. Insert the values and the final formula is



  • The YEAR function looks at the date in cell D5 and returns 2020.
  • The MONTH function returns the month value from cell D5.
  • The DAY function returns the day value from cell D4. It then adds 7 days to the given date.

creating table

Now press Enter to get the result.

getting result


Do the same for the rest of the cells.

getting formula


You can also subtract days from a given date using the same DATE function. Just add “-7” instead of “7” in the formula.


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final result

Things to Remember

📌 Change the format of the cells using the “Dates” option in the number ribbon.

📌 If the “Days” is not an integer, then the integer value before the decimal point is considered.


How to add 7 days to a date in excel is discussed here in this article. We hope that you will find a solution to your problem in this article. If you have any thoughts or confusion regarding this article, you are welcome to comment.

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