How to Export Image Metadata to Excel (with Easy Steps)

Eshrak Kader
Eshrak Kader

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  1. Clear and concise instructions. In step 3 for the exiftool how do I get it to run on all the subfolders of the specified source folder? I am just to lazy to write a new path for each folder so I wrote a small batch file for your process but can only get it to run on the specified directory…not any subfolders…

      Thanks for your comment. I am replying to you on behalf of ExcelDemy. If you want to get metadata from subfolders of the specified source folder then you can use the jamsoftware that is used in the “How to Export File Metadata to Excel” section of this article. Let’s see the steps.
      • Firstly, download and then copy and paste the FileList.exe file to the folder from where you want to get the metadata by following the steps from the “How to Export File Metadata to Excel” section of this article.

      • Secondly, press Windows Key + R.
      • Thirdly, write cmd in the Open section.
      • Then, select OK.

      • After that, write cd C:\Images. Here, C:\Images is the source folder path.
      • Then, press Enter.

      • Next, write the command below.
      • Then, press Enter.

      • After that, minimize the window.

      • Now, you will see a txt file is created in your selected location. It contains the metadata from all the subfolders.

      • Next, open an Excel file >> go to Data tab >> select From Text/CSV.

      • Afterward, select the txt file >> select Import.

      • Now, you will see the metadata are imported to a table.
      • Then, select Comma as Delimiter >> select Load.

      • Finally, you will see all the metadata from the subfolders is loaded to an Excel sheet.

      I hope this will help you to solve your problem. Please let me know if you have other queries.

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