How to Use Truncate in Excel VBA  (3 Effective Ways)

Method 1 – User-Defined Function to Truncate Text


  • Create an organized dataset. We have a dataset with football players’ full names. We want the last name from the full names truncating the first portion.

Truncate Text in Excel VBA

  • Go to the Developer tab and click on Visual Basic.

  • From the Insert tab, select Module.

Truncate Text in Excel VBA

  • Input the following VBA code in the module.
Function TruncatedLastName(str As String, num_chars As Long)
  TruncatedLastName = Right(str, Len(str) - num_chars)
End Function

Excel VBA Truncate

  • Save the code by pressing Ctrl + S and use the file extension .xlsm.
  • Use the following formula with the defined function to truncate a cell.

Excel VBA Truncate

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Method 2 – Truncate a Number with the Immediate Window in Excel VBA

The Immediate Window is a command line interface (CLI) that allows developers to quickly and easily interact with the Excel VBA object model. It can be used to run VBA code, evaluate expressions, print out variable values, and debug errors. We have a salary dataset where we want to truncate the salary digits after the decimal.


  • Press Alt + F11 to open the VBA window.
  • Click on Immediate Window from View. Alternatively, press CTRL + G to open the Immediate Window.

Truncate Number with Immediate Window in Excel VBA

  • Insert the following code lines to get the truncated output.
Range("E5") = Format(Range("D5"), "##.##")
Range("E6") = Format(Range("D6"), "##.##")
Range("E7") = Format(Range("D7"), "##.##")
Range("E8") = Format(Range("D8"), "##.##")
Range("E9") = Format(Range("D9"), "##.##")

  • Go to the worksheet.

Excel VBA Truncate

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Method 3 – Truncate the Number with a VBA Fix Function

There is a function named Fix in VBA that can be used to truncate numbers. We have Lionel Messi’s weekly salary that we want to truncate.

Truncate Number with FIX Function


  • Press Alt + F11 to open the VBA window.
  • Input the following code in an Excel Object to truncate the salary.
Option Explicit
Sub TruncatedNumber()
    Range("C6").Value = Fix(Range("C5"))
End Sub

  • Click on Run or press F5 to execute the code.

Excel VBA Truncate

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