How to Filter Multiple Columns in Excel Independently

Filter Multiple Columns Independently

If your Excel worksheet contains a lot of data then it can be hectic to find information quickly. To facilitate this problem, the Filter of Excel can be used to filter multiple columns independently. The Filter option can be used to filter texts, dates, numbers, etc., and narrow down the data of the worksheet so that you can only view the data you need. Today we will discuss some convenient ways of filtering multiple columns independently.

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Ways to FILTER Multiple Columns Independently

To make things understandable we have used an excel datasheet attached below. We are going to filter these columns independently.

Excel Filter Multiple Columns Independently


1. Filter Data from Columns

To filter data from columns follow the steps described below.

Step-1 Selecting the location

First, you have to select a column that you want to filter. Say for example you want to sort out the deliveries of the Dhaka region from the above dataset. To do this you have to select the D column.


Selecting Column

Step-2 Clicking the Sort & Filter button

Now, click the Sort & Filter button. Then the Filter button appears. Press that Filter button.


Filter Column

Step-3 Appearing drop-down arrow

A drop-down arrow appears in the D column. Click on that arrow sign marked in red.

Clicking Mark Down Bar of Column

Step-4 Selection of the region

Click that Dropdown arrow bar. Deselect every option except  Dhaka .

Select Dhaka in the Column

Then only the products delivered in the Dhaka region remain.

Selected Location in a Column

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2. Using Multiple Filters in Multiple Columns

You can use multiple filters in multiple columns as well.

Step-1 Clicking the Data button

Click the Data button marked red in the picture. Then press the Filter button.

Click Filter


Step-2 Appearing of the Markdown arrow

The Markdown arrow bar appears. Press the mark-down bar of the B column.

Appearing Mark Down Arrow in Two Selected Columns

Step-3 Selecting the product of the specified location

Unselect all other options except Books. In the C column deselect all other options except Dhaka.


Select Product & Region in Two Columns


Then you can get the Books products delivered only in the Dhaka region.

Filtered Column

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3. Using Advanced Date Filters

You can use the Filter on dates from a large set of dates on the worksheet. Here are the ways described below.

Step-1 Selection of the column

Let’s select the F column containing the shipment date.

Shipment Column

Step-2 Selecting the specified month

To use a date Filter, find and select the Filter at first. Now select the F column. Unselect other options except for July.

Filter Date

Then you can get the shipment which took place only in July.

Filter Date


4. Use advanced number filters

You can use the filter option for filtering the numbers easily. Here are the ways.

Step-1 Selecting the filter option

First, select the Filter option again.

Click the Filter Option

Step-2 Sorting the required option


Select the Markdown arrow button. You can select the option you require. Let’s say we select the Sort smallest to largest option.

Sort Smallest to Largest in the Column

Then you can get the product serial arranged from the smallest to the largest.

product serial arranged from the smallest to the largest in the Column

How to Clear an Existing Filter

After completion of the job, you need to clear all the filters and bring back the dataset to the original format. Here are the steps you can follow to do this.


Step-1 Selecting the column

To clear the filter select column D.

Clearing Filter Data in Excel

Step-2 Selecting the Clear Filter option

Click the markdown arrow and press the Clear Filter from Dhaka option.

Clear Filter Column

Step-3 Clicking Sort & Filter

Then the previous column appears before filtering. Press the Sort & Filter option. Click the Filter button marked red.

Click Filter Option


After Clicking Filter Option

Now the original database appears.

Original Database Appears



So, we have learned how to filter multiple columns independently. Excel is quite handy to sort out specific data whether it is number, date, or text from a wide variety of databases.  Do you have any questions or suggestions? Feel free to ask or share in the comment section.

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