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Hello! Here is my Profile. Currently, I am working and doing research on Microsoft Excel and here I will be posting articles related to this. My last educational degree was BSc and I am very interested in research.

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How to Convert Columns to Rows in Excel (3 Easy Ways)

We'll use a sample dataset with five columns: Serial No., Products, Volume, Unit Cost, and Revenue to illustrate how to take data arranged in columns and ...

How to Sort by Last Name in Excel (5 Useful Methods)

If you work with datasets in Excel, you will often need to sort these datasets by name. Sometimes you may need to sort the dataset based on your last name. In ...

How to Do Advanced Sorting in Excel (9 Suitable Examples)

Excel has advanced sorting options that can help you to perform multi-level sorting within a large database. Sometimes alphabetical or numerical sorting do not ...

How to Filter Multiple Columns Independently in Excel (5 Methods)

The dataset shows 10 delivery products of a company. It mentions the product ID, product name, quantity, delivery location, order date, and shipping date. ...

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