How to Combine Cells with Same Value in Excel (3 Easy Ways)


Here is the dataset we will use to explain the methods. We have some salespersons and a list of Products that they have sold. We will combine the same values.

excel combine cells with same value

How to Combine Cells with the Same Value in Excel: 3 Easy Ways

Method 1 – Using IF and CONCATENATE Functions in Excel to Combine Cells with the Same Value


  • Create an intermediate column D where all the items will be listed.

  • Go to D5 and copy the following formula into it:

excel combine cells with same value

Here, in the IF function the logical statement is B5=B4. If this is TRUE, it will return D4&”,”&C5 (which eventually is Intermediate Column, Laptop), and if FALSE, it will give C5 as output. Since the statement is FALSE, we have C5 as output.

  • Press Enter.

  • Use the Fill Handle to AutoFill up to D14.

excel combine cells with same value

  • Create a new column E for the “Final List”.
  • Go to E5 and insert the following formula:
=IF(B5<>B6,CONCATENATE(B5," ","sold"," ",D5),"")

Formula Breakdown:

“ “ —> It creates space.

  • CONCATENATE(B5,” “,”sold”,” “,D5) —> Concatenates the words or cells.
    • Output: Alex Morgan sold Laptop

IF(B5<>B6,CONCATENATE(B5,” “,”sold”,” “,D5),””) —> Returns the output after analyzing the logical statement B5<>B6.

  • IF(FALSE,{Alex Morgan sold Laptop},{})
    • Output:{}
  • Press Enter.

excel combine cells with same value

  • Use the Fill Handle to AutoFill up to E14.

  • Select the entire dataset.
  • Go to the Data tab, select Sort & Filter, and choose Filter.

excel combine cells with same value

  • Then select the drop-down (see image).

  • Uncheck the Blanks option and click OK.

excel combine cells with same value

  • You will get the list with the same values.


In this method, the same values should be next to each other. We have sorted the dataset in a way that the cells having Alex Morgan are adjacent to each other.

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Method 2 – Using the Consolidate Feature to Combine Cells with the Same Value in Excel

We have added the Selling Price column to the dataset.

excel combine cells with same value Steps:

  • Select cell F4.
  • Go to the Data tab, choose Data tools, and select Consolidate.

  • A Consolidate dialog box will pop up. Set the function to Sum.
  • Set the reference to the entire table B4:D14
  • Click Add.

excel combine cells with same value

  • Mark Left column and click OK.

  • Excel will combine the same values and return the sums.

excel combine cells with same value

  • Format as you wish.

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Method 3 – Applying VBA to Combine Cells with the Same Value


  • Press ALT + F11 to open the VBA window.
  • Go to Insert and select Module.

excel combine cells with same value

  • Copy the following code in the Module:
Sub CombineCells()
    Dim Col As New Collection
    Dim Sr As Variant
    Dim Rs() As Variant
    Dim M As Long
    Dim N As Long
    Dim Rg As Range
    Sr = Range("B4", Cells(Rows.Count, "B").End(xlUp)).Resize(, 2)

    Set Rg = Range("E4")
    On Error Resume Next
    For M = 2 To UBound(Sr)
        Col.Add Sr(M, 1), TypeName(Sr(M, 1)) & CStr(Sr(M, 1))
    Next M

    On Error GoTo 0
    ReDim Rs(1 To Col.Count + 1, 1 To 2)

    Rs(1, 1) = "Name"
    Rs(1, 2) = "Products"
    For M = 1 To Col.Count
        Rs(M + 1, 1) = Col(M)
        For N = 2 To UBound(Sr)
            If Sr(N, 1) = Rs(M + 1, 1) Then
                Rs(M + 1, 2) = Rs(M + 1, 2) & ", " & Sr(N, 2)
            End If
        Next N
        Rs(M + 1, 2) = Mid(Rs(M + 1, 2), 2)
    Next M

    Set Rg = Rg.Resize(UBound(Rs, 1), UBound(Rs, 2))
    Rg.NumberFormat = "@"
    Rg = Rs
End Sub

Here, we have created a Sub Procedure CombineCells. With the dim statement, we have declared Col, Sr, Rs, M, N, Rg as variables.
The Rg variable is set at E4 which indicates that the result will be displayed at E4.
A For loop will list out the products. We used the Ubound function with Rs as arrayname.

  • Press F5 to run the code. Excel will combine the names.

excel combine cells with same value

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Practice Workbook

We have attached a practice sheet for you in the sample datasheet.

Download Practice Workbook

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    I am a neophyte in Excel. I have column A as Ideas then Columns 2 and above I have the category they belong.
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      Firstly, you need to set a list of ideas according to your category just like the image below.

      Then in cell B5 write up the following formula.

      Similarly, you have to put the same formula for the other columns but need to set the cell reference for the corresponding cells.
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