[Fixed!] AutoComplete Not Working in Excel (2 Possible Solutions)

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In this article, we will deal with the issues when AutoComplete is not working in Excel. The AutoComplete is a very powerful feature of Excel. It allows users to complete a cell value automatically by looking at the previously entered values and in the process, saves a lot of time specially when one needs to enter a lot of values. So, the unveiling of the reasons behind this issue and their solutions are very crucial.

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What Is AutoComplete Feature in Excel?

The AutoComplete feature is a very effective tool in Excel. It suggests cell values that users may type based on what the users have already typed. It looks for matches in data, i.e: spelling matches. If the letters that a user is typing matches with the initial letters of another word that the user has already inserted in the dataset, the AutoComplete feature will suggest that word to that user. In this way, the user doesn’t have to type the entire word again. It also suggests the name of a particular function if we write the first letter of the function. For example:  if we write “=S, it will suggest the SUM, SUMIF and all other functions that start with S.

2 Possible Reasons with Solutions If Autocomplete Is Not Working in Excel

In this article, we will resolve the issue when AutoComplete is not working. Here, we have a dataset of products and their revenues. We have a blank cell at the end of the dataset where we will enter a new product named Mobile Charger. If the Autocomplete works properly then Excel would suggest Mobile Phone as the AutoComplete value. We will look into the reasons behind the absence of that suggestion and try to fix it.

Excel Autocomplete Not Working

Reason 1: AutoComplete Not Enabled

The first reason behind why AutoComplete is not working in Excel is the AutoComplete feature being disabled. It restrains Excel from showing the Mobile Phone value that it would have shown if the AutoComplete value were enabled.

  • First, click on the B10 cell and enter “Mobile”.
  • If the AutoComplete is working fine, then it will show “Mobile Phone” as the AutoComplete value.
  • However, there will be no AutoComplete suggestion.

Excel Not Showing Autocomplete Suggestion

Solution: Enabling AutoComplete Feature

In order to resolve the problem, we will enable the AutoComplete feature from the Advanced options in Excel.

  • Firstly, go to the File tab.

Exploring File Tab

  • Secondly, choose Options.

Selecting Options

  • Thirdly, click on Advanced.
  • From there, mark the “Enable AutoComplete for cell values” under the Editing options.
  • Finally, click on OK.

Enabling Autocomplete Feature

  • Now, click on the B10 cell and just type “Mob”.
  • Excel will suggest “Mobile Phone” as the AutoComplete value.

Excel Autocomplete Working Perfectly

Excel suggests Mobile Phone because it has already been entered in the worksheet and Excel matches the Mob with the first letters of Mobile Phone and suggests it as the AutoComplete value.

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Reason 2: Having Blank Cells in Dataset

Another reason for the absence of AutoComplete is the existence of blank cells within the dataset. It breaks the continuation of the data and thus forces Excel to turn off the AutoComplete feature. By ensuring the continuation of data one can resolve this problem.

  • To start with, click on the B10 cell and enter “Mobile”.
  • But Excel will give no AutoComplete suggestions like: Mobile Phone.

Excel Skipping Autocomplete Suggestion

Solution 1: Removing Blank Cell

In this first solution, we will simply delete the blank cells within the dataset to ensure the continuation of data and solve the “AutoComplete is not working in Excel” problem.

  • To begin with, right-click on the blank cell row.
  • Here, we will right-click on the 7th row.
  • Then, from the available options, choose Delete.
  • As a result, the entire blank row will be deleted.

Deleting Blank Excel Cells to Make AutoComplete Work

  • Next, select the B10 cell and just enter “Mob”.
  • You will find that Excel will suggest “Mobile Phone” as the AutoComplete value.

Excel Giving Autocomplete Suggestion

Solution 2: Inserting Values in Adjacent Cell

In this alternative solution, we will carry on the proper continuation of data by inserting a value in the adjacent cell of the desired blank cell. For example, here we want to enter our value in the B10 cell. The B7 cell is blank. So, we will enter a value either in the A7 or in the C7 cell to ensure the consistency of the data.

  • At the start, click on the C7 cell and enter $2500.
  • Now, the adjacent cell of the B7 cell is filled.

Filling Adjacent Cell

  • After that, choose the B10 cell and just enter “Mob”.
  • As a result, Excel will suggest “Mobile Phone” as the AutoComplete suggestion.

Excel Illustrating Autocomplete Suggestion

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In this article, we have talked about 2 possible reasons why the AutoComplete feature is not working in Excel and their possible solutions. These will allow users to resolve their AutoComplete issue and be more productive by using the feature. If you have any questions regarding this essay, feel free to let us know in the comments. Also, if you want to see more Excel content like this, please visit our website Exceldemy.Com and unlock a great resource for Excel-related content.

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