Convert Latitude and Longitude to Decimal Degrees in Excel – 2 Methods


Method 1 – Using a Manual Process

This is the sample dataset.

dataset to convert into Decimal Degrees

Step 1:

Separate Degree, Minute, and Second values in different columns.

A new column (DD) was added to store the converted result.

Enter the following formula in G5 and press ENTER.


Convert Latitude and Longitude

The value is displayed in Decimal Degrees.

covert Latitude in Excel

Step 2:

Hold and drag down G5.

Decimal Degrees will be displayed in the other cells.

convert Latitude in Excel

Step 3:

For Longitude values, follow the same procedure:

  • Separate Degree, Minute, and Second values in different columns.
  • Use the same formula in column G.

Longitude to Decimal Degrees

Method 2 – Using the String Manipulation Functions

Use the LEFT, MID, and FIND functions to convert DMS values to Decimal Degrees.

Step 1: 

Add two columns to display Decimal outputs.

Enter the following formula in E5 and press ENTER.

=LEFT(C5, FIND("°",C5,1) - 1)+(MID(C5,FIND("°",C5,1)+1,(FIND("’",C5,1)-FIND("°",C5,1))-1)/60)+(MID(C5,FIND("’",C5,1)+1,(FIND("”",C5,1)-FIND("’",C5,1))-1)/3600)

The LEFT function gets the values ahead of “°”. The MID function extracts the portion between “°” and “’”. The MID function portion extracts the value after “’”. Values are summed to return the final value. The FIND function helps to initiate the search within each portion.

How to convert Latitude to Degree Decimal


Hold and drag down E5.

Decimal values are displayed.

convert to Decimal Degrees

Step 2:

For Longitude values:

Enter the following formula (used in Step 1) in F5 and Press ENTER.

=LEFT(D5, FIND("°",D5,1) - 1)+(MID(D5,FIND("°",D5,1)+1,(FIND("’",D5,1)-FIND("°",D5,1))-1)/60)+(MID(D5,FIND("’",D5,1)+1,(FIND("”",D5,1)-FIND("’",D5,1))-1)/3600)

convert for Longitude

Decimal values are displayed. Hold and drag down F5.

All  Decimal Degrees are displayed.

Decimal Degrees Calculator

converting Longitude to Decimal Degrees in excel

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