How to Change Background Color to Grey in Excel (Step by Step)

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We love to modify everything for the betterment. Even in the case of using Excel, we try to change the background color of the Worksheet to modify its appearance. In this article, we are going to learn how to change Excel background color to grey.

Steps to Change Background Color to Grey in Excel

We can’t simply change the Excel background color with a single command. We have to follow some continuous procedures. Here, I am going to show a procedure where I have used both Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel softwares. I am going to explain the whole procedure below:

1. Saving Grey Shades As Images from PowerPoint

In the process of changing the Excel background color to grey, first of all, we have to save the grey shades as images from the Excel PowerPoint.


  • Firstly, go to the Design
  • Select Customize —> Format Background from the ribbon.
  • Now, choose Color from the side bar titled Format Background.

Change Background Color to Grey in Excel

  • Choose a grey shade as there are 5 shades of grey color.

Then, you will have the PowerPoint Slide background to grey.

Change Background Color to Grey in Excel

  • Now, make 4 copies of the same slide. You can right-click on the mouse and select Duplicate Slide for this. Alternatively, you can press CTRL + D. I am making 5 slides just to input the 5 available grey colors. It will help to choose any type of grey color as background based on the user’s choice.

From the above process, we have 5 slides with the same background.

Change Background Color to Grey in Excel

  • Next, apply 5 shades of grey in 5 different slides following the above procedure.

  • Afterward, click Save As to have the Save

Change Background Color to Grey in Excel

  • Be careful to save the file to PNG Portable Network Graphics Format.

A box will appear with the options of whether we want to export all slides/just the current slide/ cancel the process.

  • Click on All Slides.

Change Background Color to Grey in Excel

A warning message will appear.

  • Click on OK.

Now, we can see the background shades saved as PNG Format.

Change Background Color to Grey in Excel

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2. Apply Grey Shades As Background in Excel

We are going to use the grey shades here as a background of Excel that we saved in PNG format in the previous steps. We are going to perform all the steps shown below in Microsoft Excel.


  • Go to Page Layout from the tab.
  • Now, select Background from the ribbon.

  • Click on Browse from the option From a file.


  • Now, choose a grey shade type according to your choice from the saved PNG images. I have chosen Grey pattern 3 from the available options.
  • Finally, click on Insert.

Thus, the Excel background will be changed in Grey.

Change Background Color to Grey in Excel

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That’s all for today. In this article, I have tried to explain how to change the Excel background color to grey in simple words. I hope it will be helpful for all. For any further questions, comment below. Do visit our Exceldemy site for more information on Excel.

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