How to Calculate Log Base 2 in Excel (2 Methods)


Method 1 – Use Excel LOG Function

The LOG function computes the logarithm of a number to a particular base. In order to use the LOG function, select a cell and enter the function as shown below.

Use LOG Function


  • To find log base 2, select an output cell (In this example, D5).
  • Enter the following formula and press ENTER.

Use LOG Function to Calculate Log Base 2 in Excel

Here is the result.

Use LOG Function to Calculate Log Base 2 in Excel

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Method 2 – Apply VBA to Calculate Log Base 2



  • Go to Developer tab >> Visual Basic >> Insert >> Module. A module window will open.

Apply VBA Log Function

  • Enter the following code in the module window.
Function LogRND(N As Double, X As Double) As Double
LogRND = Log(X) / Log(N)
End Function
Sub Log_N_Based()
MsgBox LogRND(2, 1000)
End Sub

Apply VBA Log Function to Calculate Log Base 2 in Excel

A pop-up shows the result.

Apply VBA Log Function

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