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Hello! I am Md. Asaduzzaman. Currently, I am working as an Excel and VBA Content Developer and I will be posting my articles related to this here. I graduated from Bangladesh University of Science and Technology(BUET) in 2022. I completed my BSc in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. I like to solve real-life problems in Microsoft Excel and share the solutions through articles. I post here regularly. Hope you find the articles helpful.

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How to Reverse Axis Order in Excel – 4 Methods

Method 1 - Using the Format Axis Feature The sample dataset contains Employees' Names and their respective Salary. A Column Chart was created. ...

How to Create GST Bill Format in Excel with Formula

Every company, shop, bank, or other financial organization needs a GST bill format to provide an invoice to their customer for every transaction. We can easily ...

How to Solve an Equation for X When Y is Given in Excel (2 Suitable Ways)

Sometimes we have to solve an equation for X when Y is given. We can easily solve this problem using Microsoft Excel. We can perform any kind of mathematical ...

How to Save Excel Macro Files with Filenames from Cell Values (2 Methods)

To demonstrate the methods, we have taken the following dataset of the Sales history of some products in a shop. Method 1 - Using VBA Code: Steps: ...

How to Calculate Average Score in Excel (7 Suitable Ways)

A common task in sports is to calculate the average score of a player. Microsoft Excel makes calculating the average score easy. Excel has a variety of ...

How to Draw Shapes in Excel (2 Suitable Ways)

Sometimes we need to add different shapes to our worksheets in Microsoft Excel. This is very useful to make flow charts, decision-making charts, etc. Also, it ...

Excel Formula to Return Blank If Cell Value Is Negative

Sometimes we use a formula in Microsoft Excel and the calculated result becomes negative, which is unimportant. Instead of showing negative values, we want to ...

How to Calculate the Present Value with Different Payments in Excel – 5 Examples

  How to Calculate Present Value in Excel with Different Payments: 5 Easy Examples Example 1 - Calculate the Present Value for a Single Payment The ...

How to Create Employee Attendance Sheet with Time in Excel

An employee attendance sheet is very important for any company or organization to keep track of their employees. Every company has its own employee attendance ...

How to Combine Text and Numbers in Excel (4 Ways)

Method 1 - Using an Excel Formula with Ampersand Operator 1.1 Without Formatting Steps: Select cell D5 and enter the following formula: =B5&" ...

How to Create a Stacked Column Chart in Excel (4 Suitable Ways)

Method 1 - Create a Basic Stacked Column Chart in Excel Open the worksheet which contains the dataset. Select the required range of cells (example, ...

How to Create Excel Scatter Plot Color by Group (3 Suitable Ways)

In our daily life, we often feel the necessity to create Excel scatter plots in Microsoft Excel. We can do the job in many ways. In this article, we will see 3 ...

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