How to Add Minutes to Time in Excel (5 Easy Ways)

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We can put time values together to generate a cumulative time value. Since time values are only a decimal extension of the date serial numbering scheme. We might want to add a specific number of minutes to an existing time value in various instances. In this article, we will utilize it to add minutes to time in Excel.

How to Add Minutes to Time Quickly In Excel: 5 Easy Ways

Let’s say we need to add minutes to time. Excel makes it easy to add a given number of minutes to a time. Now, we will go through some easy ways to add minutes to time in Excel.

1. Use Formula to Add Minutes to Time in Excel

In Excel, times are expressed as fractional values of 24 hours. We can add minutes divided by 1440. An hour is 1/24. So, a minute is 1/(24*60) = 1/1440.

In the following dataset, column B contains the time, and column C contains the decimal value for minutes. After adding minutes to time, the results will show in column D and column E will display the formula. Now, let’s have a look at how to add the minutes using the formula.

Use Formula to Add Minutes to time


  • First, select cell E7 which is in the result column.
  • After that, write down the formula. The generic formula to add minutes to times is:

In our dataset, we will take cell B7 and cell C7 which contain sequentially time and minutes. So our formula will be:


Which we can see in the formula column.

  • Then, press Enter.

Use Formula to Add Minutes to time in excel

This will add the minutes to the times shown in the picture below. Make sure results are formatted as Time.

2. Add Minutes to Time Using Format Cells Feature

Likewise the previous method, we are using the same dataset and also the same formula. But the problem is if we don’t change the result column format to time, we won’t get the desired outcome. Instead of changing the format manually, we can customize the format by using the Format Cells feature. For this, we need to follow some simple steps.


  • First, we select the range E7:E10. 
  • Then, right-click on the mouse and select Format Cells.

Add Minutes to Time Using Format Cells Feature

  • This will open the Format Cells window.
  • Next, from the window go to time and select as you want the result. Here, let’s select the third one which will show only the hour and minutes.
  • After selecting the format click on the OK button.

Add Minutes to Time Using Format Cells Feature

  • We can also customize the format as per our requirements. For this just go to the Custom option then select the required format. After that click OK.

Add Minutes to Time Using Format Cells Feature

  • As we select the hour and minute format, our resulting time shows in that format after adding the minutes to time.

Add Minutes to Time Using Format Cells Feature

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3. Apply TIME Function to Add Minutes to Time in Excel

We won’t have to remember the formula for converting decimal minutes to an Excel time if we use the TIME function. When values surpass 24 hours, the TIME function will “roll over” and return to zero. Our dataset is the same as before, now we are going to use the TIME function to add minutes to time by following some simple steps.


  • In the beginning, we must select the cell we want to use the formula. So, we are selecting cell E7.

Apply TIME Function to Add Minutes to Time in Excel

  • After that just type the formula. The generic formula for the TIME function for adding minutes to time is:

Following the above formula, we are going to type the formula:


As our time and minutes are in different cells already.

  • Finally, press Enter. And we can see the minutes are added with the time.

Apply TIME Function to Add Minutes to Time in Excel

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4. Insert NOW Function to Add minutes to the Current Time

If we want to see what the time will be from now after adding different minutes. We can also have a look at the current time after adding minutes by using the NOW function in Excel. This function has no arguments.


  • To add minutes to the current time, in the beginning, just write down the formula in the selected cell.
  • Finally, we can see the time after adding minutes in the result column. And remember that, the NOW function will continuously update the time.

5. Add up Minutes with SUM Function

If we want to add the total time we can do it by using the SUM function. We use the same dataset to add up the minutes.


  • First, as we want to see, the add-up minutes result in cell E11, so select cell E11.
  • After that, just select the cell and type the formula:
  • Now, we will get our results and the formula is also shown in the picture below.

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Things to Remember

  • In the TIME function, the #NUM! error occurs if the given hours are less than 0.
  • The #VALUE! error occurs when any of the given inputs are non-numeric.

Download Practice Workbook

You can download the workbook and practice with them.


By following those simple methods you can easily add minutes to time in Excel. Hope this will help you! If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback please let us know in the comment section.

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