How to Undo a Table in Excel (2 Easy Methods)

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One of the core features of Excel is to make tables with given data. But sometimes we need to undo the table in Excel to make necessary changes or rebuild the table with different formatting. So in this article, we will learn how to undo a table in Excel.

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2 Easy Methods to Undo a Table in Excel

There are mainly two methods to undo a table in Excel. Here undo means clearing both the format and the structure. The two methods with proper steps are below.

1. Undo a Table by Converting to Range

In this method, we will use the Excel Ribbon on top of the rows to undo a table. To do so, we will follow these steps.


  • First, we need to select any of the cells in the table. In the Ribbon, a tab named Design or Table Design will appear.

how to undo a table in excel

  • Second, we will select Convert to Range in the Tools section.

Undo a Table by Converting to Range

  • Third, a confirmation box will appear. We will click on Yes.

Undo a Table by Converting to Range

  • Finally, we will see that the table is converted to a normal dataset like the below image. Here to see the difference we will select a cell in the table area but no Format Table tab will appear this time.

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2. Using Context Menu

In this method, we will use Excel Context Menu instead of Ribbon to undo a table. Here are the steps below.


  • Firstly we need to click on any of the cells in the table. Context menu will appear.

  • Secondly, we will select Table and Convert to Range.

Using Context Menu

  • Thirdly a dialog box will appear for confirmation. Click on Yes.

Using Context Menu

  • Finally, we will get a normal dataset like the one below.

How to Clear Table Format in Excel

There are many occasions where we want to keep the table structure but want to change the format according to our preference. There are multiple ways in which we can do this. These methods are described below.

1. Customizing Table Design

One of the best ways to clear formats is to do it from the Table design panel. The steps are simple:


  • At first, we need to select one cell of the table.
  • Then we will go to the Table Design tab in the Ribbon.

  • Next, we will click on the Quick Styles drop-down arrow in the Table Styles

How to Clear Table Format in Excel

  • Finally, in the drop-down list, we will select Clear. This will clear all types of formatting keeping the table structure like the below image.

Customizing Table Design

2. Using Clear Formats Command

We can also clear formatting using the Home tab as well. The steps are below:


  • In the beginning, we will select the entire table.

  • Furthermore, we will select Clear in the Editing section in the Home tab.

Using Clear Formats Command

  • Again in the Clear menu, we will select Clear Formats.

Using Clear Formats Command

  • Finally, we will get a table without any formatting.

Things to Remember

  • Undoing a table will remove the structure of the table as well.
  • If you see a filter button in a table, you need to untick it from the Table Design tab before converting it to the range.
  • All these pictures for demonstration are taken using Excel 365. So the user interface may vary for different versions.


This article was about undoing a table in Excel and also clear formatting of any table. Hope this article will help you. If you’re still having trouble with any of these methods, let us know in the comments. Our team is ready to answer all of your questions. For any excel related problems, you can visit our website Exceldemy for all types of excel related problem solutions.

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