How to Show All Text in an Excel Cell (2 Easy Ways)

Suppose we have a sample data set where some of the text is too long to fit in a single cell. We’ll use various commands to help display the text fully.

Handy Approaches to Show All Text in a Cell in Excel

Method 1 – Utilizing Wrap Text to Show All Text


  • Select the cells.
  • Go to the Home tab.
  • Choose the Wrap Text command from the Alignment group.

Utilizing Wrap Text Command to Show All Text in Excel Cell

  • You will see the following results of all the expanded cells which show all the texts in their respective cells.

Method 2 – Using AutoFit Column Width to Show All Text


  • Go to the Home tab after selecting all cells you need.
  • Click on the Format option from the Cells group.
  • Choose the AutoFit Column Width from the Cell Size menu box.

Using AutoFit Column Width Command to Show All Text in Excel Cell

  • The column width of the cells will be modified in order to display the texts of the cells.

Displaying Formulas in the Excel Cell

Step 1 – Creating Data Set

  • Here is our data set containing the number of product units and their unit price with the total price value.

 Creating Data Set

Step 2 – Utilizing Formulas Tab

  • Go to the Formulas tab.
  • Select the Show Formulas option from the Formula Auditing group.

Utilizing Formulas Tab to Display Formulas in Excel Cell

  • The following image displays all the formulas in the Excel cell.

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