How to Copy and Paste Multiple Cells in Excel (7 Quick Ways)

In this article, we will analyze how to copy and paste multiple cells in Excel. It`s easy to copy and paste a single cell in Excel. When it comes to copy and paste a range of cells, columns, and rows you can choose many processes.

In this article, we will see the autofill option, some keyboard shortcuts for copying and pasting, and some other extra features of Excel. Look at the video below before reading this article so that you can get a clear view of what we are going to do.

Copying and Pasting Range of Cells Manually

In this way, you have to select a range of cells and copy them by pressing the right key of your mouse and selecting the copy option.

Now after this, select a range where you want to paste these values. After selecting the range click on the right key of your mouse and press on to the paste option.

After pressing on to the paste button you will get the below result.

copy paste in excel

Note: There are a lot of paste options that you can choose from. If your data contains a formula and you want to copy the formula it`s better to choose the formula option while pasting.

Keyboard Shortcut for Copying and Pasting a Range of Cells

Instead of copy and pasting manually you can use the keyboard shortcut for this purpose. After selecting the range of cells press Ctrl + C together to copy the range of cells. Again, select a range of cells where you want to paste it and press on to Ctrl + V together to paste it. This is the easiest way of copying and pasting multiple cells altogether.

Note: Don’t press the Esc button after you copy some cells. It will undo the copy option.

Shortcuts for Copying and Pasting Columns and Rows Simultaneously

There are two more keyboard shortcuts that most of us don’t know about. These shortcuts are Ctrl + D and Ctrl + R. These shortcuts can copy and paste the values concurrently.

The Ctrl + D shortcut is used to copy and paste the values downwards so it can also be used as a shortcut for copying values for an entire column. To perform it select a range of cells that are in the downwards position of the cell you are going to copy.

Then press on to the Ctrl + D button together. You will see that the values are being copied downwards.

shortcut key for paste

The Ctrl + R shortcut does the same thing but it copies and pastes the values on the right side. This shortcut can be used for copying values for an entire row. To perform it do the same thing as before but instead of selecting cells downwards, select the cells on the right side.

Now, press on to the Ctrl + R button together to copy the values in the selected set of cells.

shortcut key for paste

You can use the Ctrl + D and Ctrl + R shortcuts together for copying values for columns and rows together.

Note: These shortcuts copy only one value, formula, and formatting for the rest of the cells. It means you cannot copy multiple values, formulas, and formatting for an entire range of cells. While applying this shortcut if your selected range of cells contains more than one value it will only select the 1st value and copy it for the rest of the cells.

Shortcut for Copying and Pasting a Single Value in Multiple Cells

There is another shortcut by which you can copy a single value to multiple cells. The shortcut is Ctrl + Enter. To do this select some cells in your worksheet and write any word or value in any of the selected cells.

Now instead of pressing Enter press Ctrl + Enter together. You will see the name gets copied for the rest of the selected cells.

shortcut key for paste

Generating Random Numbers in Random Cells using the Ctrl+Enter shortcut

You can also use this technique to generate random numbers between two numbers in randomly chosen cells. To perform that select some random cells and instead of typing name you need to enter the formula, RANDBETWEEN(Bottom, Top). Here we used the formula RANDBETWEEN(5,10).

Now instead of pressing Enter press Ctrl+Enter together to use this formula in the selected cells.

keyboard shortcut for copy

Dragging the Fill Handle Option

You can drag the Fill Handle option for copying a set of values for columns, rows, and for a range of cells. To do that insert some values in some cells. After inserting the values select the cells. You will see a green box surrounds the value. This green box is known as the Fill Handle in Excel. Now by pressing the “+” sign that appears in the lower right corner of the fill handle drag it down to copy these values for a range of cells.

After dragging the fill handle option you will get to see the below result.

how to use autofill in excel

Note: If your cell contains formulas that you want to copy a whole column you can use this dragging method which is also known as the Autofill in Excel. Double-clicking the Fill Handle will produce the same result.

Dragging the Fill Handle Option to Create series

The easiest and fastest way to create series in Excel is dragging down the fill handle. The process is not complicated. Suppose you need to create a series of numbers from 1 to 10. All you need is to type the first two-digit and drag it downwards.

how to create a number sequence in excel

After dragging down the Fill Handle you will get to see the below result.

excel auto generate number sequence


Copying and Pasting values in Excel is a very easy task. You need to know some tricks while applying this for a wide range of cells. Here we discussed many methods that you can choose. Hope this article will be useful for beginners who want to learn the basics of Excel.

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  1. Dragging the fill handle works with more than just 1,2,3…
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