How to Catalog Books in Excel – 2 Methods


Method 1 – Creating a Custom Catalog for Books

To create a catalog in Excel:


  • Select the headings.

how to catalog books in excel

  • Separate the columns with a borderline.

  • Select a column. Here, Date of Publication.

  • Press Ctrl+1 to open the Format Cells.
  • Select a data type. Here, Date.
  • Press Enter.

Custom Catalog Books in Excel

  • Freeze the upper header row.
  • Select the row below the header and go to the View tab>Window>Freeze Panes.

  • You can also add a filter to find books in the catalog by going to the Data tab and clicking Data Filter.

Custom Catalog Books in Excel

  • This is the output.

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Method 2 – Using the Microsoft-Provided Catalog Template


  • Click the link (Book collection list) to download the template.

  • Open the Excel application.
  • Select the downloaded template.
  • The following image will be displayed.

Use the Microsoft-provided Catalog Template

Use the template. You can add or delete fields.

  • Save the file as a .xlsx.
  • Click Files>Save As.
  • Choose .xlsx.


Download Practice Workbook

Download the practice workbook here.

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