How to Make Catalogue in Excel (with Easy Steps)

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In this article, I will show you how to make a catalogue in Excel. As we know, a catalogue is a collection of items, organized systematically to make searching for any items more accessible for the customers. As Microsoft Excel is an excellent tool for organizing things, we can use Excel to make a catalogue of numerous items with very simple and easy steps. If you are wondering how you can make a catalogue in Excel for your company, you have come to the right place. Here, I will make a template file that you can edit according to your needs. So let’s get started.

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Step-by-Step Procedures to Make Catalogue in Excel

The format of a catalogue can vary significantly depending on the kind and range of business items it includes. Here I will create a sample catalogue for a small online e-commerce site. By following the steps, you can make your own catalogue and customize it according to your needs.

Step 1: Giving a Suitable Title to the Catalogue

  • In this step, we will first open an Excel file and give a suitable title to the workbook where I will make my catalogue. So, first, open a fresh Excel file.
  • Now on the 2nd row of the workbook, take some cells ( I took B2: G2), merge them and give a suitable title. I have given the title “Product Catalogue of Evaly”. (see the figure below)

how to make catalogue in excel

  • Now, make some modifications to the formatting of the title so that it looks more attractive and elegant. Here, I have changed the cell colour and made the font larger and set the middle alignment.

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Step 2: Entering Column Header of the Catalogue

  • Now that we have given a suitable title to our catalogue, we will start inserting the column headers that are appropriate to our company’s requirements. The company I have taken is an e-commerce company which sells a wide range of products from cosmetics, and beauty products to lifestyle, electronics and health gadgets. Thus the fields that I need to insert in order to properly specify the products are taken as shown in the picture below.

how to make catalogue in excel

  • Here, you have to make sure that you have included all the necessary fields to identify and arrange all the products of your business.

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Step 3: Entry of the Product Information

  • This time we need to enter the required info on all the products related to the column headers.

how to make catalogue in excel

  • If you also want to add a product picture as I did, you need to make the row height larger (I have taken 50) and insert a picture by going to the Insert tab and then Illustrations >> Pictures >> This Device.

how to make catalogue in excel

  • Now, select the image File and click on Insert.

how to make catalogue in excel

  • After inserting the image you have to adjust the size of the picture to fit into the cell under the picture column.

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Step 4: Creating a Table

  • Now, you can turn the whole catalogue into an Excel table to enable the Sort & Filter feature which will allow you to find the same category items quickly. To do that, select the whole dataset and press Ctrl+L. As a result, a dialogue box named “Create Table ” will appear. Now, click on My table has headers and then select OK.

  • As a result, an Excel table will be created with the Sort & Filter feature.

  • Now if you want to show just one category of product you can use the filter feature. Here, I am only showing the Cosmetic items. To that, click on the drop-down icon under the Category and select Cosmetic. Finally, click OK.

how to make catalogue in excel

  • As a result, you will only see the Cosmetic category products.

how to make catalogue in excel

In this way, we can make a catalogue in Excel.

Things to Remember

  • Add extra columns (Brand name, tag etc) if you need to make it more appropriate for your company.


That is the end of this article on how to make a catalogue in Excel. If you find this article helpful, please share this with your friends. Moreover, do let us know if you have any further queries. Finally, please visit Exceldemy for more exciting articles on Excel.

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