How to Fix Broken Hyperlinks in Excel (5 Ways)

The hyperlink is a very useful feature to follow through any data or resource by simply clicking or tapping. Like many other Office software, Microsoft Excel allows us to create, insert, and edit hyperlinks in our content. But sometimes the hyperlinks get invalid. This may be caused by various reasons by various parties. This article will focus on how to fix these broken hyperlinks in Microsoft Excel.

Possible Reasons That Cause Hyperlinks to Be Broken in Excel

Generally, clicking on a hyperlink should take you to another cell, workbook, or website. But if that isn’t happening then the hyperlinks can be called “broken”, as it isn’t working as intended anymore. This can happen for various reasons. Here are some possible reasons that a link inside your workbook is not working anymore.

Change in the Name of the Hyperlinked File

If a hyperlink is connected to a file, the file name is an integral part of the link. The system connects the files through this link. Now if you change the file name for some reason later, the link will search for it through the same name you saved before and so won’t get any results. And thus the hyperlink will get broken.

“#” in the Linked File Name

Hyperlinks do not accept pound signs (#) while creating a hyperlink. If your file has the sign within its name, the sign gets inserted into the link and the hyperlink gets invalid.

Sudden System Shutdowns

Abrupt closing of Excel without saving causes some features to not function properly. Hyperlinks fall in this category. Especially if the system shuts down suddenly and improperly while working with hyperlinks in Excel, it may not be saved properly and hence the links get broken. To fix this issue, you need to change the save settings for links.

Change of Linked File’s Path

The hyperlinks comprise the linked file’s path and the file name. We have talked about the link getting broken because of the file name change. The same thing is applied to the file location. If someone changes the file location for some reason after creating the hyperlink, the link still searches for the file by the previously saved location. Which in turn results in vain. So the hyperlink gets broken.

Corrupt Program Files

Sometimes the files, both Office files, and the linked files get corrupted. This causes the links to not function properly sometimes.

We are going to go over five possible ways to fix broken hyperlinks in Excel. Different methods can work at different times depending on the cause that makes the hyperlinks invalid. So make sure to check each of them out.

For the demonstration, we are using the following dataset comprising hyperlinks.

broken hyperlinks in excel

If we click on the content of cell C5, the following error message appears indicating a broken hyperlink.

broken hyperlinks error message in excel

In such cases, you may try one of these possible fixes that can help you out with the issue.

Solution 1. Editing Broken Hyperlinks in Excel to Fix Them

If any change in the file’s name or destination is breaking the hyperlinks then this method is the best way to fix the broken hyperlinks in Excel. Follow these steps to see how we can do that.


  • First of all, right-click on the cell containing the broken hyperlink.
  • Then select Edit Hyperlink from the context menu.

context menu to edit hyperlinks

  • After that, click on the Browse icon in the Edit Hyperlink box.

how to fix broken hyperlinks in excel

  • Then select the proper file again through the file explorer box.

This will fix the broken hyperlinks in Excel if the file path or name change was causing the issue.

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Solution 2. Renaming and Removing ‘#’ Sign from File Name to Fix Broken Hyperlinks

As mentioned in the causes, if the file name contains the pound sign (#) the hyperlink becomes invalid. This is because hyperlinks don’t support any # sign within them.

Take a look at the following file name.

It contains a pound sign within it.

If we link the file in our spreadsheet, we will see the same error message again.

To avoid this, rename the file to this.

Now edit the hyperlink again as shown in the previous method and click on the link again. It should fix the broken hyperlinks in the Excel spreadsheet.

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Solution 3. Modifying Excel Options to Save Hyperlinks

Use this method to allow hyperlinks to be saved. This will fix broken hyperlink errors in cases where the saves aren’t proper. This is more of a precaution than a solution. But try to use this one beforehand if you are working with hyperlinks.


  • First of all, click on the Files tab on your ribbon.
  • Then select Options from the left side of the backstage view.

  • Now select Advanced from the left side of the Excel Options box.
  • Then scroll down and select Web Options under the General section.

web options to fix broken hyperlinks

  • After that, click on OK.
  • Next, select the Files tab in the Web Options box.
  • Then uncheck Update links on save option under the File names and locations section.

web options box to fix broken hyperlinks

  • Finally, click on OK on both boxes.

This will fix future broken hyperlinks issues in Excel that can happen because of sudden shutdowns.

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Solution 4. Disabling Broken Hyperlinks in Excel to Repair Them

Another one you can follow is to remove the hyperlinks completely. If you don’t need the hyperlinks anymore and it isn’t working either, you can just remove them and make the file lighter in size and junk-free. Follow these steps to remove or disable a hyperlink.


  • First, right-click on the cell with the broken hyperlink.
  • Then select Edit Hyperlink from the context menu.

  • After that, select Remove Link in the Edit Hyperlink box.

removing broken hyperlinks in excel

  • Finally, click on OK.

This will completely remove the broken hyperlink from the cell.

removed hyperlinks in excel

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Solution 5. Repair Microsoft Office

If your problem still persists after trying all of these solutions, then try repairing the Microsoft Office to see if that makes any difference. Follow these steps to repair Microsoft Office in windows.


  • First of all, go to Settings by clicking on the windows icon on the bottom-left of your screen.
  • Then select Apps.

  • After that, select Apps & Features from the left side of the window.

  • Now scroll down on the left and find Microsoft 365 or the one you are using.
  • Then select Modify under it.

modifying microsoft 365

  • Now select Quick Repair or Online Repair depending on the one you prefer.
  • Finally, click on Repair.

repairing microsoft office

This may sometimes fix broken hyperlinks and make them workable again in Microsoft Office programs like Excel.

Download Practice Workbook

You can download the workbook used for the demonstration from the download link below.


These were all the methods you can follow to fix broken hyperlinks in Excel. Hopefully, you can edit and fix your hyperlinks with ease now. I hope you found this guide helpful and informative. If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments below.

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