Excel Hyperlink with Shortcut Key (3 Uses)

Sometimes you may need to refer to a web page for the data you’ve used in your Excel sheet. Hyperlink in Excel allows you to visit a web page or external document. In this article, I’ll introduce you to some shortcut keys that you can apply to operate different functions of Hyperlink in Excel.

Suppose you have collected some data in your worksheet from a web page. You want to link the web page in your Excel sheet as a hyperlink. Now, I’ll show you the shortcuts which you can use in this case.


Excel Hyperlink with Shortcut Key: 3 Operations

1. Shortcut to Add Hyperlink in Excel

The easiest way to add hyperlinks in Excel is to use a shortcut keyboard command. First,

➤ Select the cell where you want to add the hyperlink.

➤ Press CTRL+K.


As a result, the Insert Hyperlink window will appear.



➤ Paste the address of the webpage you want to link in the Address box.

You can also change the text which will be displayed in your selected cell from the Text to display box if you want to.

At last,

➤ Click on OK.


As a result, a hyperlink will be added to your selected cell. If you put the cursor on that cell, you will see the hyperlink with two instructions.


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2. Add Hyperlink from the Context Menu in Shortcut

You can also use keyboard keys to add hyperlink from the Context menu. Though this method is not so convenient to use. But it can come in handy in a situation when you must insert the hyperlink using only a keyboard.

➤ Copy the link of the webpage from your web browser.

After that,

➤ Select the cell and press SHIFT+F10 to open the Context menu.



➤ Use different ARROW Keys to navigate through the context menu.

➤ Expand the option Link using the RIGHT ARROW key.

Here, you will see the link you’ve previously copied.

Select this link and press ENTER.


As a result, a hyperlink will be added to your selected cell. If you put the cursor on that cell, you will see the hyperlink with two instructions.  You can click once on the link to open the page on your website or click and hold to select the cell.


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3. Using VBA to Create a Shortcut for Opening Hyperlink

You can also assign a keyboard shortcut key to open the hyperlink by using the Microsoft Visual Basic Application (VBA). First,

➤ Press ALT+ F11.

It will open the VBA window. After that,

➤ Go to the Insert tab and select Module.

It will open the Module(Code) window.


At this step,

➤ Type the following code in the Module(Code) window,

Sub Open_Hyperlink()


End Sub

The code will create a Macro named Open_Hyperlink which will activate the selected cell.


After that,

➤ Close or minimize the VBA window and press ALT+F8.

It will open the Macro window.

➤ Select  Open_Hyperlink from the Macro name box and click on Options.


As a result, the  Macro Options window will appear. Now,

➤ Insert a key in the Shortcut key box.

In this example, I’ve inserted n. So whenever I press CTRL+N, the selected cell will be activated.

➤ Click on OK.


After that,

➤ Close the Macro window.


Now, If you select the cell with hyperlink and press CTRL+N (the key you have assigned to run the Macro) it will open the web page in your web browser.


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I hope now you know the different uses of the shortcut key for Excel Hyperlink. If you have any confusion please feel free to leave a comment.

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