[Fixed] Excel Ribbon Keeps Disappearing (5 Easy Solutions)

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Excel ribbon is like a navigation tool for the whole Excel workbook. One can access and use excel features using the ribbon tabs. So, it is mandatory to have the excel ribbon displayed while working on excel. But, if anyhow the excel ribbon keeps disappearing or is not showing up, you can follow the methods written in this tutorial to easily get back your excel ribbon in a minute.

In the following GIF, you can see the overview of getting back the Ribbon when it keeps disappearing. Let’s dive into the following article to do the task.

overview for the solution of ribbon disappearing

Download Practice Workbook

You can download the practice workbook here.

5 Possible Ways to Bring Back Excel Ribbon If It Keeps Disappearing

It can happen that the ribbon got hidden or disappeared because of any issues. We can easily bring it back with one or two mouse clicks. Here, I have an excel file (containing the order list of a company) that does not show the excel ribbon. I will show some easy ways to again display the ribbon. You can use any of the methods. In this tutorial, I used the Microsoft Excel 365 version.


1. Using Keyboard Shortcut to Bring Back Excel Ribbon

You can easily bring the excel ribbon back using the keyboard shortcut.


  • In the beginning, press CTRL + F1.

Excel file without commands

  • Therefore, the ribbon appeared properly with tabs and commands.

Excel ribbon appeared with crtl+F1

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2. Double-Clicking on Any Tab Names

You can also easily display the ribbon by double-clicking any of the tab names.


  • First of all, I have double-clicked on the Home tab.

Double-clicking on any tab names to appear the ribbon

  • Hence, I can see the ribbon is displayed.

final look with the ribbon

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3. Use of Ribbon Display Options to Display Ribbon in Excel

In this method, I will use the Ribbon Display Options to bring back the ribbon. Follow the steps to view the excel ribbon:


  • First, find the up arrow looking option from the right top of the excel file.
  • Afterward, three options will be shown.
  • Then, select Show Tabs and Commands option.

Ribbon Display Options to display ribbon

  • As a result, the ribbon is back easily.

excel file with ribbon

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4. Unchecking “Collapse the Ribbon” Option

Another quick method is to uncheck the “Collapse the Ribbon” option.


  • First, Right-Click on any of the tab names. I will click on the Home tab.
  • Then, two options will appear.
  • Moreover, uncheck “Collapse the Ribbon“.

unchecking Collapse the Ribbon

  • After this, the worksheet will look like this.

excel ribbon appeared

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5. Ending Full-screen Mode

While working on an excel file, you can mistakenly activate the Auto-hide Ribbon or anyhow enter the full-screen mode. That will lead the worksheet to look like the following image. Again, there are two temporary and one permanent solutions for this issue.

Full-screen Mode

  • After that, to end the full-screen mode, you can click on the top of the worksheet.
  • Another temporary and quick solution is that you can also use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+F1.
  • In order to get a permanent solution to bring back the ribbon, use “Ribbon Display Options” from the above-mentioned method.
  • Therefore, it will bring back the ribbon.

ending the Full-screen Mode by clicking the top of the worksheet

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Things to Remember

  • You can apply the methods in any order.
  • If any of the methods do not work, you can try uninstalling excel from your PC and installing the latest version.

Practice Section

On the Practice Section worksheet, you will find a dataset to practice independently.

Practice Section to solve the ribbon disappearing issue


In this tutorial, you learned to fix the issue of the excel ribbon disappearing. Follow our ExcelDemy page for regular blogs related to Excel. You can suggest your thoughts about this article in the comment section below.

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