How to Show Ribbon in Excel (5 Quick & Simple Ways)

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This article illustrates 5 easy ways to show the ribbon in excel. You may accidentally hide the ribbon in excel. If you are wondering about how to make it visible again then this article will help you to do that. We can easily access the commands from the excel ribbon. But, it occupies a significant portion of the screen. So, one can purposefully hide the ribbon to gain more screen space when the only concern is to show the data. Have a quick look through the article to learn the ways you can unhide the ribbon again.

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5 Easy Ways to Show Ribbon in Excel

1. Use Keyboard Shortcut to Show Excel Ribbon

Assume, that only the tabs are visible in your excel as shown below.

Now, press CTRL+F1 to make the ribbon visible.

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2. Show Ribbon Using Ribbon Display Options

Alternatively, you can select any tab. Then, the ribbon will be visible temporarily. If you click away the ribbon will be hidden again.

After the ribbon is temporarily visible, you will see a downward arrow at the lower right corner of the ribbon. This is the icon for the Ribbon Display Options. Now, click on it.

Next, you will see that there is a checkmark at the left of the Show tabs only option.

Now, click on the Always show Ribbon option to make the ribbon permanently visible.

Show Ribbon in Excel Using Ribbon Display Options

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3. Display Ribbon by Unselecting Collapse the Ribbon Option

If only the tabs are visible then right-click on the tab area. Then you will see a checkmark at the left of the Collapse the Ribbon option.

Click on it to uncheck it. Then the ribbon will be visible again.

Show Ribbon in Excel by Unchecking Collapse the Ribbon

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4. Show Ribbon in Full-Screen Mode

Sometimes the top of your excel may look like the following. Only a green bar is visible at the top of the excel window.

Now, click on the green bar at the top. This will make the ribbon visible again temporarily. Next, click on the Ribbon Display Options icon at the lower right corner of the ribbon. Then, you will see that the Full-screen mode is on. After that, click on the  Always show Ribbon option.

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5. Using Excel Settings

You can also make the ribbon visible from Excel Options. Press ALT+F+T to open the Excel Options window. Then find the User Interface option named Collapse the Ribbon automatically from the General tab. Then, uncheck the option and click OK.

Show Ribbon Using Excel Options

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Things to Remember

  • These methods only work if the Excel Ribbon is hidden.
  • You can use the keyboard shortcut repeatedly to show or hide the ribbon.


Now you know how to show the ribbon in excel in 5 different ways. Please let us know if this article has helped you with your problem. You can also use the comment section below for further queries or suggestions. Do visit our ExcelDemy blog to explore more on excel. Stay with us and keep learning.

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