How to Pin the Ribbon in Excel (4 Simple Methods)

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Excel user interface holds multiple Tabs, Groups/Sections, Command Menus, Commands, Dialog Boxes, and a single Pin or Unpin Toggle. This combination of Tabs and Others is known as Excel Ribbon. Often users need to pin the Ribbon in Excel.

Dataset-Pin the Ribbon in Excel

This article demonstrates multiple ways to stick the Excel Ribbon in Worksheets.

Excel Ribbon and Its Location

The rows and columns holding multiple items above the Excel Worksheet are known as Excel Ribbon as a whole. Users can hide or pin the ribbon depending on their viewing requirements. Excel Ribbon is there to provide easy and quick access to Excel Tabs, Groups/Sections, Command Menus, etc. Overall the Excel Ribbon offers Excel features ready to use without any complexities.

Excel Ribbon and its location

4 Easy Ways to Pin the Ribbon in Excel

While opening an Excel file got from a different source or accidentally users press some keys; leading to hiding the Excel partially or entirely. Users may see only the Tabs or nothing at all above the Worksheet cells. Typically keyboard shortcuts (CTRL+F1) hide Excel commands leaving only the Tabs. Alternatively, selecting Auto-Hide Ribbon in the Ribbon Display Options hides the entire Excel Ribbon. Follow the below ways to make the Ribbon always visible in Excel.

Method 1: Stick Excel Ribbon Using Pin Icon

Let’s assume a scenario where you encounter only Excel Tabs visible in an Excel Worksheet as depicted in the following image. However, you want the entire Excel Ribbon visible above the Worksheet.

Pin Ribbon-Pin the Ribbon in Excel

🔼 Click on any Excel Tabs then you see a Pin Toggle icon at the right-most side of the Ribbon window. Click on it.

Pin Toggle

🔄 After clicking you see the entire Excel Ribbon as shown in the below picture. Excel now pins the Ribbon with the Worksheet.


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Method 2: Using Ribbon Display Options to Make Excel Ribbon Visible

Instances like not seeing the entire Excel Ribbon can occur. Accidentally, selecting the Auto-hide Ribbon option from the Ribbon Display Option leads to this phenomenon.

Ribbon Menu Option-Pin the Ribbon in Excel

🔼 If you click on the Ribbon Display Option situated top on the right-most side of Excel Worksheets. You see the Auto-hide Ribbon is enabled. As a result, you are seeing no Excel Ribbon whatsoever.

Auto hide ribbon

🔼 You can choose Show Tabs or Show Tabs and Commands in the Ribbon Menu Options to view partial or entire Excel Ribbon.

Show tabs

🔼 Selecting Show Tabs in the Ribbon Display Option displays only the Excel Tabs as picturized in the below screenshot.

Show tabs option outcome

🔼 Alternatively, Clicking on Show Tabs and Commands leads to displaying the entire Excel Ribbon.


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Method 3: Display Excel Ribbon Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Sometimes, users may see only the Ribbon Tabs as displayed in the below picture. A keyboard shortcut (i.e., CTRL+F1) can pin the other Ribbon options instantly.

Ribbon Tabs-Pin the Ribbon in Excel

🔼 Press CTRL+F1 altogether to display the entire Excel Ribbon as you desire.


Method 4: Double Click on Any Tab to Stick Ribbon in Worksheet

Alternative to the Keyboard Shortcut, you can Double Click on any of the Ribbon Tabs to fetch or pin the entire Excel Ribbon right at the moment.


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In this article, we demonstrate 4 easy ways to pin the Ribbon in Excel. You can choose any of your preferred ones to pin your Excel Ribbon. Hope the above-described ways fulfill your requirements in the process. Comment, if you have further inquiries or have anything to add.

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