How to Enable Drag Formula in Excel (With Quick Steps)

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While using Microsoft Excel, we use the drag formula regularly. In Excel, it is enabled by default. But for many reasons, it may get disabled. So, in this article, I will show you how to enable drag formula in Excel.

What Is Drag & Drop in Excel?

In Excel, the drag & drop and fill handle options exist. You can use them for moving and copying cells, formulas, and formats to others.

  • You can move a cell by mouse only in Microsoft Excel. For this, you have to place the mouse cursor at a cell border then it will change to the move cursor and after doing this, drag that cell to the target location.

What Is the Drag & Drop in Excel?

  • You can copy the cell or cells by mouse only in Microsoft Excel. For this, hold down the CTRL key and place the mouse cursor on the cell border then you will see that the mouse cursor converts to a Copy Cursor, and after that,  drag the cell to the target location.

What Is the Drag & Drop in Excel?

What Is Fill-Handle Tool?

You can copy and paste formulas by dragging any point of border corner in Microsoft Excel. The name of this cursor is Fill Handle. You can drag the fill handle cursor down, up, left, or right in any direction to copy the formula of that cell to the adjacent cells of the drag direction.

What Is Fill-Handle Tool

Steps to Enable Drag Formula in Excel

Sometimes, while working in Microsoft Excel, you may find that the drag & drop cursor or the fill handle tool is not showing up. If this occurs, you may need to enable these options. I am showing here the steps to enable them.

📌 Step 1: Go to Options from File Tab

At first, open the Excel file and go to the File tab, and select Options from the bottom of the menu.

How to Enable Drag Formula in Excel

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📌 Step 2: Go to Advanced Options

Now, a window named “Excel Options” will open. Then, go to the Advanced option.

How to Enable Drag Formula in Excel

📌 Final Step: Mark ‘Enable fill handle and cell drag-and-drop’ Checkbox

After that, in the advanced option, go to the Editing Options. Under the Editing Options, find the box named ‘Enable fill handle and cell drag-and-drop’ and mark them.

Mark “Enable fill handle” Checkbox

As a result, you have enabled the drag & drop option successfully. Now, press OK. Then go back to the worksheet and try these options.

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Excel Drag Formula Not Working Issue

Often you can face this problem that even after enabling the drag & drop option, it is not working. If it happens then I have a possible solution for this. To learn the solution, go through the following steps.


  • At first, go to the top ribbon and select the Formulas tab.
  • Then, under the Formulas tab, go to the Calculations Options. And, there 3 options will open.
  • From them, select the Automatic option

Excel Drag Formula Not Working

  • By doing this, I think the problem will be solved. Now, try again the drag & drop formulas.

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In this article, I have shown you the procedure of how to enable drag formula in Excel. And I have tried to show you what to do when the drag formula is not working even after enabling it. After reading this article, I believe you will be able to enable drag formula in Excel. I hope you found this article helpful. Please, drop comments, suggestions, or queries if you have any in the comment section below.

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  1. Thank you thank you! I followed each step listed on this article and it fixed my problem! the “automatic” button somehow got switch to manual and i had no idea! thank you! this article helped me save so much time!

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