How to Create a Tally Button in Excel (2 Suitable Examples)

While creating templates like balance sheets, invoices, or any other forms, you may want to create tally buttons in Excel. These are known as Form controls or ActiveX controls in Excel. In this article, I will show you how to create a tally button in Excel with easy steps.

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How to Create a Tally Button in Excel: 2 Suitable Examples

Suppose you want to create an EMI calculator in Excel and in this, you want to add a tally button to select values specifically. Here I am showing how you can create tally buttons from Form Controls and apply them to the cells.

How to Create a Tally Button in Excel

1. Create a Spin Button in Excel

With the Spin button, you will increase or decrease the value in a cell with a specific value. So, in the EMI calculator template, you can spin the button in age, loan amount, and years of repayment. Here I am showing you the steps to insert a spin button in Excel.

📌 Step 1: Insert a Spin Button

  • First, you have to enable the Developer tab.
  • Then go to Developer tab > Insert menu.
  • Select the spin button in Form Control.

Create a Spin Button in Excel

  • Now, draw a button in the worksheet where you want to locate it.
  • Then, the Spin button will create.

How to Create a Tally Button in Excel

📌 Step 2: Format Spin Control Button

Now, you have to format the spin button to specify how it will work and command, follow the procedures below to format the button:

  • Right-click on the button to open the options.
  • Select the Format Control option.

Format Spin Contol Button

  • Now, keep remaining in the Control tab.
  • Here, the current value is showing the value which is in the Amount cell at present.
  • And, assign the minimum value of the amount as $1000 and maximum as $30000.
  • Specify the increment as $1000.
  • Now, assign the command cell to link with C7 which contains the amount.
  • Finally, press OK.

How to Create a Tally Button in Excel

  • Now, you will see that clicking the up arrow of the spin button increases the amount by $1000, and clicking the down arrow decreases the amount by the same amount.

How to Create a Tally Button in Excel

2. Create a Scroll Bar as a Tally Button

With Scroll Bar you can increase and decrease values fast. When you have to deal with small increment values, you can create a scroll bar tally in Excel.

📌 Step 1: Insert Scroll Bar

In a similar way as the Spin button, you can insert the Scroll bar in Excel.

insert Scroll Bar

  • Similarly, draw a box to place the scroll bar at the position.
  • So, you will draw a box below the interest rate cell as you want to use the scroll bar to.

Create a Scroll Bar in Excel

📌 Step 2: Format Scroll Bar

  • Similarly as before rightclick on the scroll bar to open the options and select the Format Controls option.
  • As you are adding interest rate which is in percentage format and in decimal value but you can’t insert fractional digit in the Format control options.
  • Now, specify the minimum, maximum, and increment change values with 10 multiplications. and insert the cell link as D8.
  • Now, insert this formula into cell C8 and convert this cell to percentage format.
  • As result, the interest rate minimum is now 1% and increases by 0.5% with each click.

Create a Scroll Bar in Excel

  • Now, you have added a scroll bar tally to insert the interest rate.

Create a Scroll Bar in Excel

With similar steps, you can add other form control buttons. So, now you can complete the EMI calculator in Excel. With tally buttons, you can easily compare the EMI values in Excel.

EMI Calculator

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Things to Remember

  • In the Format control option, you can’t give any fractional value.
  • And the scrolling value will have to be between a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 30000.

Download Practice Workbook

You can download the practice workbook from here:


In this article, I have shared how to create a tally button in Excel with you. You will find here how to add a scroll bar, and spin button in the Excel worksheet. In a similar way, you can create other buttons too. In addition, I have shown these methods in making an EMI calculator in Excel. So, you can download this Excel workbook to use it as an EMI calculator.  I hope you found this article helpful. Please, drop comments, suggestions, or queries if you have any in the comment section below.

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