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Hafizul Islam is an excellent marine engineer who loves working with Excel and diving into VBA programming. For him, programming is like a superhero tool that saves time when dealing with data, files, and the internet. His skills go beyond the basics, including Rhino3D, Maxsurf C++, AutoCAD, Deep Neural Networks, and Machine Learning. He got his B.Sc in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering from BUET, and now he's switched gears, working as a content developer. In this role, he creates techy content all about Excel and VBA. You'll find him reading books, travelling, and enjoying movies and TV series outside work.


Excel & VBA Content Developer at ExcelDemy in SOFTEKO.

Lives in

Dhaka, Bangladesh.


B.Sc in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, BUET.


  • Design and Drawing Software: AutoCAD, Rhinoceros, Gambit, Tecplot
  • Analysis Software: ANSYS Fluent-19, ABACUS, Maxsurf, Hydromax, Excel, Word and PowerPoint proficiency
  • Programming Languages: C++, Fortran, Python, MATLAB


  • Adjunct lecturer, Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Sonargaon University, Dhaka.
  • Engineer, Amader Environment Systems Ltd (AESL).


  • "Numerical Modeling of a Single-Disk Micro-scale Viscous Pump" is accepted for poster presentation and published in the “Book of Abstracts of ICME2019” (Paper ID: 217) at ICME held in December 2019 at BUET, Dhaka.
  • Numerical Modeling of a Double-Disk Micro-scale Viscous Pump.

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