How to Create Test Cases for an ATM Machine in Excel – 3 Steps

Step 1: Setting Up Format

Set up a format for the test cases for the ATM machine in the Excel sheet: nine columns, here.

  • Create the following fields –
    • Test Scenario: The test scenario for the test cases.
    • Tester: The person responsible for the testing process.
  • Create the following columns –
    • ID: A unique identification number for each test case.
    • Test Case: The subject for a test procedure.
    • Pre-condition: If there is any prerequisite for a test case.
    • Test Steps: Required test steps to carry out a test case.
    • Test Data: If any data needs to be entered.

Setting Up Format to Create Test Cases for ATM Machine in Excel Sheet

  • Insert more columns –
    • Date: The date when the test is carried out.
    • Expected Output: The most likely output.
    • Actual Output: The real output.
    • Status: Pass, Skip or Fail.
    • Comments: If a tester needs to make comments.

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Step 2: Entering Relevant Data

Use the Wrap Text feature to format cell values.  AutoFit the rows.

  •  Enter the values into the empty cells.

Entering Relevant Data to Create Test Cases for ATM Machine in Excel Sheet

  • Select the cell range.
  • Go to the Home tab, select Wrap Text in Alignment.

  • Data is adequately displayed.

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Step 3 – Finding the Test Status

  • Enter the following formula in I10.

=IF(OR(G10=H10,H10="As expected"),"Pass","Fail")

Finding Test Status to Create Test Cases for ATM Machine in Excel Sheet

  • Press Enter.

Formula Breakdown

  • OR(G10=H10,H10=”As expected”)
    • Output: True.
    • This function checks whether the value of G10 is equal to H10 or the value H10 is equal to “As expected”.
  • The formula reduces to -> IF(TRUE,”Pass”,”Fail”)
    • Output: Pass.
    • As the condition is true, the formula returns its first portion.
  • Drag down the Fill Handle to see the result in the rest of the cells.

  • This is the output.

Test Cases for ATM Machine in Excel Sheet

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Download Practice Workbook

Download the Excel file here.

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