How to Export Test Cases from ALM to Excel: with 8 Exercises

ALM stands for “Application Lifecycle Management” and in this article, you will learn how to export test cases from ALM to Excel. Additionally, you will get Excel exercises for that imported test case. The exercises are easy to solve. Anyone with a basic knowledge of Excel will be able to solve the problems. Moreover, you will need to know the following things to solve them: use Wrap Text in Excel, apply the INDEX-MATCH formula, perform data validation, use conditional formatting, use the UNIQUE, COUNTIF, INDEX, MATCH, and PROPER functions. For solving the exercises, you should have access to Excel 2021 for the Windows operating system.

Steps to Export Test Cases from ALM to Excel

Before we get into the problem exercises, let’s go over how to export test cases from ALM. There are many ALM software products on the market. We’ll discuss two software packages. Firstly, for the HP ALM software:

  • At the beginning, select Test Grid from the View tab.
  • Then, select a single test case and right click on that.
  • After that, select Export All from the Export menu. Alternatively, you can select Export Selected to export a specific test case.
  • So, a dialog box will appear.
  • Then, pick a save location and give a name and select xlsx as the output format.
  • Finally, press Save.

Lastly, let’s see how we can export test cases from ALM using the Jama software:

  • To begin, navigate to the Explorer Tree and select the test cases.
  • After that, choose List View.
  • Then, choose the items to be exported from the test cases by selecting the Gear icon.
  • Lastly, pick Export to Excel from the Export tab.

Export Test Cases from ALM to Excel: Problem Overview with 8 Exercises

Now, let’s discuss the exercises to perform after we export the test cases. There will be eight exercises for this article. The “Solution” sheet contains the answers to the exercises on the “Problem” sheet. The following image shows the exported ALM data for this article. There are fifteen columns in total, but we’re only displaying six columns for better visualization.

Problem Overview

Let’s go through the exercises one-by-one.

  • Exercise 01 Use of the Wrap Text Feature:
    • Some values are not visible in the Description column. Your task is to apply the Wrap Text feature in the rows 8,12,14,15, and 16.
  • Exercise 02 Count of Test Cases by Each Designer:
    • Here, the name of the three designers is given. You will find the number of test cases designed by them.
  • Exercise 03 Find Unique Items of Subject column and Its Count:
    • This exercise has two parts. In the first part, your task is to return the unique Subject values. Then, calculate the number of occurrences for those.
  • Exercise 04 Work with Date Range:
    • The dates are all the same, however, there is a difference in the time. In this exercise, you will find the number of Modified Column values that are more than or equal to 1 PM.
  • Exercise 05 Application of Data Validation:         
    • Create a dropdown list on cell B39 using the values of the Test Name column.
  • Exercise 06 Return the Test ID for a Specific Test Name:          
    • Your task is to apply a lookup formula (INDEX-MATCH is preferred) and find the Test ID for the test name “Registration v2”.
    • The animated image below shows the formula to solve this.

  • Exercise 07 Application of Conditional Formatting:
    • Apply a conditional formatting for the cell range B7:P16 where the row contains the following designer will be-
      • Raphael is light Blue.
      • Heather is light Green.
      • Veronica is light Red.
  • Exercise 08 Convert Upper Case to Proper Case:          
    • The value of the Type column is given in uppercase. You will use a function to convert that to the proper case.

The following image shows the solution to the seventh exercise.

How to Export Test Cases from ALM to Excel

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Download Practice Workbook

You can download the Excel file from the following link.


Thank you for reading this article. By completing this article, we hope that you have gained knowledge about how to export test cases from ALM to Excel. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below. However, remember that our website implements comment moderation. Therefore, your comment may not be instantly visible. So, have a little bit of patience, and we will solve your query as soon as possible. Keep excelling!

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