How to Make a Title in Excel (3 Suitable Methods)

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If you are looking for how to make a title in Excel, then you are in the right place. In our practical life, we have to deal with Excel worksheets where giving titles is a must. We have to use both column titles and row titles. In this article, we’ll try to discuss how to make a title in Excel.

How to Make a Title in Excel

How to Make a Title in Excel: 3 Suitable Methods

There are some easy ways to make a title in Excel. For your better understanding, we will use a dataset. We have no titles in our dataset. Now, we’ll try to add titles. Let’s see how we can add titles to this Excel sheet.

1. Using Cell to Make a Title in Excel

We can use cells to make a title directly and it is the most suitable method to make titles. Here, we need to follow the two steps described below.

Step-01: Making Title

  • First, double-click on the B4 cell. Now, the cell is ready to write anything here.
  • Now, give a proper name of the cell according to the database of Column B. Here, we have written the Name of Month.
  • Then, press ENTER.

Using Cell to Make a Title in Excel

  • Similarly, do the same thing for the cells C4 and D4 and name them Temp in London (deg C) and Temp in New York (deg C). Eventually, the titles are added to the 4th Row.

Naming of titles

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Step-02: Formatting Title

After adding titles, the most important thing is to format the titles. Because without formatting, it is difficult to use in bigger databases. We need to format the titles in the 4th Row of the dataset below.

Formatting Titles

  • Select the titles i.e. cells B4:D4 >> go to Home tab >> select the Center and Middle alignment like shown in the picture >> click B on the Font group or press CTRL+B to make the titles bold.
Note: we can select any alignment from the Alignment box and make the title to Italic form or add Underscore by selecting I or U from the Font group according to our requirements.
  • Now, we need to change the font size. To do this, select cells B4:D4 again >> go to the Home tab >> select Font size option >> choose any font size you want to add (Here, we have added font size as 12).

Changing background color of cells containing titles

  • Then, we’ll add a background to the cells of the title. To do this, select the cells from B4:D4 >> go to the Home tab >> select the Fill Color icon like shown in the picture >> choose any color options (Here, we have selected Light Blue color).

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2. Applying Formula Bar to Make a Title in Excel

We can simply use Formula Bar to make titles.

  • Select the B4 cell with one click >> click on the Formula Bar >> write the required title in the Formula Bar. Here we have written Name of Month.
  • Repeatedly, do the same thing for C4 and D4 cells by writing Temp in London ( deg C) and Temp in New York ( deg C) respectively in the Formula Bar.
  • Finally, following the Step-02 of method 1, we need to format the titles and get the output like this.

Applying Formula Bar to Make a Title

3. Use of Header & Footer to Create Title

We can add headers for all the worksheets. Sometimes you may need to add a logo/picture with the titles. You can do this with the Header & Footer feature of Excel.

  • Select any cell >> from Insert tab >> go to Text option >> choose Header & Footer.

Use of Header & Footer feature

  • Now, click on Add header >> write the title for your worksheet.

Adding header to a sheet

  • If you want, then you can add the necessary things from Header & Footer Elements under the Header & Footer tab. To get this Header & Footer tab. you must click on the Header box.

Features of Header & Footer

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Centering Title with Appropriate Cell Style

We need to format titles in a way such that their cell style and placement are different from others. The main title for the following dataset is Centering Title. We just need to format it with the appropriate cell style and positioning.

  • Select the B2 cell and stretch it to the D2 cell by sliding the cursor to the right >> go to the Home tab >> select the Center and Middle alignment options from the Alignment box >> then select Merge & Center. So, the title will be merged in the center of B2:D2 cells like this.
  • Now, select the merged cell >> from the Home tab >> click on the Cell Styles option >> select Heading 2. We can choose any type of option from the Titles and Headings group according to our requirements.

Finally, our title will be like this.

Centering Title with Appropriate Cell Style

Using Transpose Option to Convert Column Title to Row Title

We can convert column title to row titles or vice versa by using a simple method: Transpose command.

  • First, select the whole dataset >> press CTRL+C >> select a cell from where the transposed titles will be placed. We have selected the B12 cell here.
  • Now, go to the Home tab >> Select the Transpose (T) icon shown in the picture below from the Paste option.

Using Transpose Option to Convert Column Title to Row Title

As a result, we’ll get the output like this. Here, all the Column Titles are now converted to Row Titles, and the whole dataset is transposed.

Converted row title in Excel 

How to Add Title in Excel Table

You can add titles to an Excel table with some simple and easy steps. Basically, there is a built-in option to add titles to the Excel table. Here, Excel counts the column headers as the titles. But the interesting part is if you want then you can both keep/avoid the titles.

  • Select the data >> from Insert tab >> click on Table >> you will get the Create Table dialog box >> check My table has headers (for checking this Excel will consider the column headers as titles) >> press OK.

How to Add Title in Excel Table

  • Then from Table Design >> set your preferable color combination >> get the titles in the table.

Changing table design

How to Include Title in Excel Chart

You can add a title in the Excel chart too. If you add a title to the chart, then it will be easier to understand the topic.

  • To do so, click on chart >> click on Chart Elements (Plus sign) >> check Chart Title >> you will get the space for writing the title to chart >> double click there >> write the title to the chart.

How to Make Title in Excel Chart

How to Remove Title in Excel

In case you don’t need the title then you can remove this.

  • Select the cells where are the titles >> from Cell Styles >> press Normal. Then you will see the cells become ordinary ones.

Removing titles

Things to Remember

  • While following Method 1, we need to make sure that the cells should be double-clicked. One-click will not prepare the cell for writing and editing rather it will just select the cell.
  • We can change the Font Type, Color of the font, and create Borders of different types to the titles from the Font box in the Home ribbon.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I resize the title in Excel?

You can increase or decrease its size by changing the Font size under the Home tab. Or you can change the row or column width using the cursor.

2. Where is the title bar in Excel?

The title bar in Excel is located at the very top of the Excel window, above the ribbon, and below the menu bar (if it is visible). The title bar displays the name of the Excel application and the name of the currently open workbook.

3. How do I display title bar?

Go to the rightmost upper corner of the Excel workbook >> click on Ribbon Display Options >> select Show Tabs and Commands.

Download Practice Workbook

You are recommended to download the Excel file and practice along with it.


So, now we can make a title in Excel very effectively if we study this article properly. Still, if you have any confusion or problems then don’t hesitate. Just comment below. Also, if you have any suggestions then pass that too. Goodbye!

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