How to Remove Table Formatting in Excel (2 Smart Ways)

In this article, I am going to show you “How to Remove Table Formatting in Excel”. Sometimes it is important to remove table formatting in Excel. People often face difficulties while doing that but actually, it`s not that difficult. All you need is some set of tasks which shall be done in a sequence for removing the table formatting in Excel. Here I will be describing two methods for achieving the goal of the task.

Remove Table Formatting with “Clear Formats” option

Let`s say your table contains formatting with filters. The easiest way to clear table formatting is to use the Clear Formats option. After using that you need to remove the filter option also. Let`s see how the thing is done.

  • First, select the entire table.

  • After this press on to the Home tab and in the Editing section of Home tab look for the Clear option.

  • After selecting the Clear option, you will get a drop-down list. From there, select the Clear Formats option.

  • After pressing the Clear Formats option, you will see all the colors from your table is gone and it will have black font color and white background color. You will still have the Filters which needs to be removed.

  • Now to disable the filters, select any cell which has the filter button with it and under the Home tab select the Sort & Filter option which is placed in the Editing
  • In the Sort & Filter drop-down list, you will find that Filter command is active. To make it inactive, just click on it.

  • You can also disable the Filter option by selecting the Filter option under the Data tab.

  • After this, you will see all the filters in your worksheet will be gone.

This is how you can remove table formatting in your Excel worksheets.

Note: In the above process, table formatting and Filtering options of the table are removed but it will still work as a table.

Remove Table Formatting by Converting Table to a Range

Another process of removing table formatting is to convert the table to a normal range and then changing the theme, font and border color. This process is much longer than the previous process. The process is stated below.

  • First, select any cell from your table.

  • By selecting a cell from your table, you will get to see the Design Under the Design tab in the Tools section select the Convert to Range option.

  • After selecting Convert to Range option, you will get to see the below window. Click Yes there.

  • After doing this you will see that the filters from your table disappear. Now you have to change the font, theme and border color.

  • To change the theme color, select all the cells which were in the table and under the Font section of Home tab select the Fill Color option and press onto No Fill. By pressing it you will see the orange color from the cells disappears leaving the white theme color.

  • Now for changing the font color, select all the cells of the table and press on to the Font Color option beside the Fill color option in the Home tab and select the Automatic button which is actually the black color.

  • Now select the No Borders button under the All Borders option which is under the Home tab just beside the Fill color and Font Color options.

  • After doing all these you will see that the table formatting is removed from your worksheet. By doing all these the cells from the table will now look like the picture below.

Note: In this way, the converted range will function as a range, not as a table.


Removing table formatting from Excel is an interesting and important task. In this article, I described two methods of doing that. I hope after reading this article you will not face any difficulties while removing the table formatting in Excel. Stay connected and comment below to ask any questions regarding this article.

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  1. Hello,

    Thank you for your clear explanation.

    I was interested by this question because I have trouble with my table because of this fonctionnality ‘filtered’.
    I pasted some new data to a table already filtered, and those new data are excluded from this filtered list :
    – They appear in white
    – When I apply special filter it works only on the original data and leaves the rest (data paste afterwards) unfiltered..

    I tried your method to remove the filtered format, but even after that the pasted-data are still not included when I want to apply a global filter on my data…

    Have you any idea of what is happening and why the data added are not included ?

    Thank you in advance for your answer,



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