How to Make a Calculate Button in Excel (with Easy Steps)

You can use the F5 key or a Form Control Button to run a macro to calculate operations within worksheets.

Making a Calculate Button in Excel

Step 1 – Generating a Macro for a Specific Task

  • Go to the Developer tab > Visual Basic or ALT+F11 to open the Microsoft Visual Basic.
  • Move to Insert > Module. The module window appears.
  • Paste the following macro in the Module.
Sub RecalculateActivesheet()
End Sub


Step 2 – Inserting and Modifying a Calculate Button

  • Hover over the Developer tab.
  • Click on Insert (in the Controls section).
  • Select Button (Form Control).

Form Control Button

  • Draw the button as shown in the image.

  • Drawing a calculate or Form Control Button takes you to the Assign Macro. Click OK in the Assign Macro window.

  • Right click on the button. Select Edit Text from the Context Menu. Give a suitable name (i.e., Calculate) to the button.

Edit Text

  • Right click on the button to apply Format Control.

  • Choose desired Font, Font Style, Size, and Color form the Format Control, and click OK.

Making a Calculate Button in Excel

Step 3 – Assigning Macro to Calculate Button

  • Right click on the button. Choose Assign Macro from the Context Menu.

  • The Assign Macro window appears. Choose the existing inserted macro, and click OK.

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Step 4 – Saving File as Macro Enabled Excel File Extension (.xlsm)

  • Move to File > Save As.
  • Select the File TypeExcel Macro-Enabled Workbook(*.xlsm).
  • Click on Save.

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Step 5 – Testing Calculate Button

  • Return to the worksheet and click on ReCalculate. Excel recalculates the formulas existing in the active worksheet.

Recalculate Active Worksheet using Calculate Button

Things to Remember

  • You can use Shapes instead of Control Button.
  • The F5 key works as an alternative to the button.

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