How to Lock a Cell in Excel Formula (2 Easy Ways)

Method 1 – Assigning a Dollar Sign ($) Manually to Cell References


  • Let’s calculate the speed of light for the Water medium.
  • Select cell C9 to store the calculated value.
  • Insert the following formula:
  • These are now relative cell references.

how to lock a cell in excel formula

  • Add Dollar Signs ($) before all the row and column numbers like this:
  • Hit Enter.

how to lock a cell in excel formula manually

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Method 2 – Using the F4 Hotkey

  • Select a cell to store the calculated value.
  • Insert an equals sign.
  • Insert a formula and a cell reference.
  • Click on the cell reference you need to lock.
  • Press F4.
  • Continue with the formula.
  • Whenever you’re typing in a cell reference, press F4 to lock it.

how to lock a cell in excel formula using F4

  • Hit Enter.

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Additional Tips

You can toggle between Relative, Absolute, and Mixed cell references by pressing the F4 hotkey.

Part 1 – Toggle from Relative to Absolute Cell Reference

  • Select the Cell Reference in the Formula Bar.

  • Press the F4 key.

Part 2 – Toggle from Absolute to Relative Cell Reference

  • Press the F4 key. The row numbers are locked up now.

  • Press the F4 key again to lock the column number from the row number.

Part 3 – Toggle back to Relative Cell Reference

  • Press the F4 key once again.

Things to Remember

  • Assign a Dollar Sign ($) before the row and the column number to lock a cell.
  • Use the F4 hotkey to lock a cell instantly.
  • Pressing F4 cycles between the four possible cell reference options: relative > absolute > locked row > locked column > relative.

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