How to Change Comma to Dot in Excel (4 Handy Ways)

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Excel utilizes a comma (,) as a 1000 separator, which is common in many nations. Some nations, however, use the Period (.) as a 1000 separator in their number system. We’ll explain to you how to change comma to dot in Excel in this article.

To demonstrate, we’ll use a sample dataset as an example. For example, the following dataset depicts a company’s Salesman, Vehicle, and Unit Price. The Comma is utilized as a 1000 Separator in the Unit Price.

a sample dataset :how to change comma to dot in excel

1. Changing Comma to Dot in Excel Through Notepad

In the first method, we will utilize Windows Notepad to find and replace the commas in our Excel worksheet. Therefore, follow the below steps to complete your task.

📌 Steps:

  • Type Notepad in the search box of the Windows operating system.

Type Notepad in the search box

  • Paste the data range from Excel to Notepad.

Paste the data range from Excel to Notepad

  • Now go to Edit>>Replace.

Go to Edit and Replace

  • Type in the box of Find What>> Comma (,) and Replace With>> Dot(.) and finally click Replace All.

Replace Comma With Dot

  • Finally, Dot replaced Comma in the *Comma to Dot-Notepad.

Dot replaced Comma

  • And at the last step, we will copy the data from notepad and paste it into Excel.

Copy the data from notepad and paste it in the Excel

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2. Making Temporary Changes to Excel Settings to Transform Comma to Dot

We can also turn a comma into a dot by changing the Excel settings. In this method, we will change the number format from the File tab.

📌 Steps:

  • File >>Options >> Advanced >> Editing options >> uncheck Used system separators >> remove comma in Decimal separator and Thousands separator.

Remove comma to dot in Excel

  • Finally, the data range will look like the following image where the comma is replaced by a dot.

The data range

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3. Temporary Change of Windows System Settings

Furthermore, we may alter the Windows System Settings on our PC to convert the number format in Excel from Comma to Dot. Learn the following procedure to carry out the operation.

📌 Steps:

  • First, click the Windows button and go to the Windows System folder >> Control Panel.

Open Control Panel

  • After that follow the procedures: Control Panel >> Clock and Region >> Region.
  • Now click on the Additional Settings in Formats.

Click on the Additional Settings

  • Now, follow the paths: Customize Format >> Numbers >> Digit grouping symbol >> Apply.

Applying Digit grouping symbol

  • Eventually, the data range will appear like the image below, with the comma replaced with a dot.

The data range

4. Using Excel Find and Replace Command to Change Comma to Dot

We may also utilize Excel’s Find and Replace tool to transform the number format. As a result, follow the steps below to change the number format in Excel from comma to dot.

📌 Steps:

  • Suppose someone has copied data from a spreadsheet and wants to paste it into Excel.
  • To do so, Right-click on mouse >> Paste Special >> Paste >> Unicode Text >> OK.

Paste Special as Unicode Text

  • The data will be just like the below image because you have pasted it as Unicode Text.

Pasted data as Unicode Text

  • Now follow the steps: Home >> Editing >> Find & Select >> Replace or press Ctrl+H.

Applying Find & Select

  • Finally, the Find and Replace window will appear. In Find what box type ‘,’ and in Replace with box type ‘.’

Find comma and Replace with dot

  • Microsoft Excel will give you a total replacement number, just click OK.

A total replacement number

  • Lastly, the following image represents a process where the comma is replaced by a dot.

Image represents a process where the comma replaced by a dot

Download Practice Workbook

You can download the practice workbook from the following download button.


Follow these steps and stages on the topic of how to change comma to dot in Excel. You are welcome to download the workbook and use it for your practice. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please leave them in the comments section in the comments box.

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