How to Align Currency Symbol in Excel (3 Easy Ways)

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Excel offers multiple Format cell categoriesĀ for displaying numbers. Users need to select specific number categories (i.e., Currency, Accounting, or Custom) to display them as Currency. However, aligning those inserted currency symbols requires amounts to be in Accounting, Custom, or aligned Currency format. This article demonstrates the ways to align currency symbols in Excel.

AlignIng Currency Symbol in Excel

šŸ”ŗN.B: In this article, we use the Dollar Sign ($) as a Currency Symbol. Users can use any currency as circumstances demand.

3 Easy Ways to Align Currency Symbol in Excel

Go through the below section to learn more about currency symbol alignment.

Method 1: Using Accounting Number Format to Align Currency Symbol

In the Format Cells (CTRL+1 or click on the Number Format icon) window, there are two dedicated categories (i.e., Currency and Accounting) to display numbers in currencies with currency symbols before them. But displaying numbers in Accounting number format aligns currency symbols to the left.

  • Highlight the range or cell then select Accounting as Number Format from the Number Format Display.

Number Format-Accounting

  • Alternatively, use CTRL+1 to fetch the Format Cells window, and choose Accounting from the Number Category. Assigning numbers as Accounting aligns the currency symbol.

  • The outcome of both operations is the same. Excel aligns the currency symbols.

ā§­Note: Selecting General or Number format for a range of cells results in removing the Dollar Sign ($). Also, use the Format Cells window to change the number in other currency formats.

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Method 2: Inserting Custom Number Format in Format Cells Window

In the Format Cells window, users can use Custom number formats by inserting appropriate characters.

  • Type the below number format under Type in Format Cells > Custom.
_($* #,##0.00_);_($* (#,##0.00);_($* ""-""??_);_(@_)

Custom Format to Align Currency Symbol in Excel

  • The consequences of customizing the number format results in aligning the currency symbol.

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Method 3: Selecting Preferable Alignment for Aligning Currency Symbol

Numbers in Currency format are displayed with the preferred currency symbol. Aligning them using the Home > Alignment results in the Left, Right, and Center alignment of the currency symbol.

  • After displaying the numbers in Currency format align the number Left, Right, or Center using the Alignment section of the Home

Alignment to Align Currency Symbol in Excel

  • All the alignment options result in the following depiction. Select the Left alignment to align the currency symbol.

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Download Excel Workbook

Download the attached dataset to practice.


This article demonstrates the ways to align currency symbols in Excel. Selecting the Accounting number format is preferred mostly to align the currency symbols. We hope this article sheds enough light on the alignment of currency symbols.

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