Make UserForms in VBA Excel with Total 6 Tutorials

Did you use Excel VBA UserForm ever?


I know you used.

Did you use any dialog box when you used Excel?


That is Excel VBA UserForm. When you are using a dialog box in Excel, it is actually an Excel VBA UserForm.

For different reasons, you might need to create your own UserForm. In the image below, I am showing an Excel VBA UserForm that is created in one of the following tutorials:

Excel VBA UserForm

An Excel VBA UserForm

In this post, I am going to link to my old 6 tutorials that will learn you Excel VBA UserForm completely.

Read More: Why UserForms are Necessary in Excel.

Learn Excel VBA UserForm Step by Step

  1. Why UserForms are Necessary in Excel.
  2. MsgBox & InputBox in VBA Excel : UserForm Alternatives.
  3. How to Create a UserForm: An Overview.
  4. How to Create an Excel VBA UserForm.
  5. Creating a UserForm that will Change Cases to Upper, Lower or Proper.
  6. Adding Accelerator Keys & Controlling Tab Order in Excel UserForms.

If you follow the above tutorials step by step, you will be able to create your own Excel VBA UserForm easily. Just you have to do a little practice.

Happy Excelling 🙂



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