[Fixed!] Excel CSV File Not Saving Changes (6 Possible Solutions)

Excel has a File Format known as CSV (Comma Separated Values) format. In this format, we can see the numbers and text in plain text. This format is quite popular nowadays due to its simplicity. One can easily analyze the data through this format and make the required changes. But, owing to some mistakes in the saving process of the CSV file, those changes may not get saved. In this article, we’ll show you the possible solutions for Excel CSV File Not Saving Changes.

Excel CSV File Not Saving Changes: 6 Possible Solutions

To illustrate, we’ll use a sample dataset as an example. For instance, the following dataset is saved in a CSV file. Here, we’ll demonstrate easy and effective solutions so that you can learn to save CSV files and see the desired changes.

excel csv file not saving changes

Solution 1: Save as Excel CSV UTF-8 File to See Changes

Saving the Excel files in CSV UTF-8 File format is the most efficient way to get all the changes you make without destroying any characters. Therefore, follow the steps below to perform the task.


  • First, go to File.
  • Then, select Save As in the File window.

Save as Excel CSV UTF-8 File to See Changes

  • After that, in the Save As window, select CSV UTF-8 from the drop-down options.

  • At last, press Save and you’ll get your desired CSV File.

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Solution 2: Save Changes Through CSV UTF-16 File

Another file format is CSV UTF-16, where the special characters stay intact. So, learn the following steps to solve the Excel CSV File Not Saving Changes issue.


  • Firstly, select File Save As.
  • Afterward, choose Unicode Text from the drop-down list.

  • Then, press Save. Hence, you’ll get a .txt file.
  • Now, open the text file and click Save As.

Save Changes Through CSV UTF-16 File

  • Consequently, a dialog box will pop out.
  • Next, type .csv at the end of the file name and choose All Files in the Save as type.
  • Select UTF-16 LE in the Encoding field and press Save.

  • Thus, it’ll return a CSV file that contains the special characters correctly.

Solution 3: Specify Comma as Separator in Excel CSV File

In this solution method, we’ll specify Comma as a Thousand Separator for CSV files. Hence, follow the process to carry out the operation.


  • First of all, go to File Options.
  • Consequently, the Excel Options window will appear.
  • Then, uncheck the box for Use system separators in the Advanced tab.
  • Subsequently, type Dot (.) as the Decimal separator and Comma (,) as the Thousands separator.
  • Press OK.

  • Now, save the file in CSV See the below picture to understand better.
  • Finally, you’ll get the expected outcome.

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Solution 4: Open CSV File Through Text Editor

Moreover, to view a CSV File with the modifications, open the file through a Text Editor application such as Notepad. In this way, you’ll get all the changes made to the CSV file.

Solution 5: Use Excel Power Query to Import CSV File

However, we can import a CSV File to our Excel workbook using the Power Query Editor. Therefore, learn the below process to fix Excel CSV File Not Saving Changes problem.


  • Go to the Data tab first.
  • There, choose the Get Data ➤ From File ➤ From Text/CSV.

  • As a result, a dialog box will emerge.
  • Select the desired CSV file and press Import.

  • After that, press Load in the pop-out dialog box.
  • Hence, it’ll return a new worksheet containing the CSV file data.

Save File Using Text Import Wizard

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Solution 6: Save File Using Text Import Wizard

In our last solution, we will execute Text Import Wizard. For that purpose, see the below procedure.


  • In the beginning, select Options in the File window.
  • In the pop-out dialog box, go to the Data tab.
  • Then, check the box for From Text (Legacy).

Save File Using Text Import Wizard

  • Next, press OK.
  • After that, open a .txt file.

Save File Using Text Import Wizard

  • It’ll return a dialog box as displayed below.
  • Press Next.

Save File Using Text Import Wizard

  • Again, press Next after choosing Tab as Delimiters.

excel csv file not saving changes

  • Lastly, press Finish and you’ll get your desired file in Excel.

excel csv file not saving changes

Download Practice Workbook

Download the following workbook to practice by yourself.


Henceforth, you will be able to fix the Excel CSV file not saving changes issue following the above-described solutions. Keep using them and let us know if you have more ways to do the task.

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