How to Use COUNTIF Function In Excel to Count Bold Cells

We’ll walk through the steps for counting bold cells in Excel using the COUNTIF function. Let’s assume we have a concise dataset with approximately 7 rows and 2 columns. Initially, all cells are in the General format, and monetary values are in Accounting format. The dataset contains two unique columns: Item and Price. If needed, we can adjust the number of columns later.

excel countif bold

Step 1: Opening Find & Select Option

  • Go to the Home tab.
  • Click on Find & Select under the Editing section.
  • Choose Replace.

find & select option to count if cells contain bold formatting in excel

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Step 2: Inserting Data

  • In the Find and Replace window, click the Format drop-down next to the Find what option.
  • Select Choose Format From Cell.

find & select option to count if cells contain bold formatting in excel

  • Click on any bold cell that you want to count.

find & select option to count if cells contain bold formatting in excel

  • You’ll see a preview of what to find; type bold in the Replace with field.
  • Click Replace All.

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Step 3: Applying the COUNTIF Function

  • After completing the previous step, the bold cells will be replaced with the text bold.
  • Go to cell C11.
  • Type the following formula:


  • Press Enter to calculate the number of bold cells in the dataset.

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How to Count Bold Cells Using VBA in Excel

  • Go to the Developer tab.
  • Select Visual Basic..

vba code to count if cells contain bold formatting in excel

  • Click Insert in the VBA window and choose Module.

vba code to count if cells contain bold formatting in excel

  • Type the following formula in the new window:
Function CountIfBold(SelectRange As Range)
Dim CurrentRange As Range
Dim BoldCount As Double
For Each CurrentRange In SelectRange
    If CurrentRange.Font.Bold Then
        BoldCount = BoldCount + 1
    End If
CountIfBold = BoldCount
End Function

  • In cell C11, insert this formula:

  • Press Enter to calculate the number of bold cells.

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How to Count Coloured Cells in Excel

  • Navigate to the Home tab.
  • Click on Find & Select under Editing.
  • Choose Replace.

  • In the Find and Replace window, clickOptions.

  • Click the Format drop-down next to the Find what field and select Choose Format From Cell.

  • Click on any of the cells with the fill color that you want to count.

  • Type the word colored in the Replace with field.
  • Click Replace All.

  • In cell C11, use this formula:

  • Press Enter to get the number of cells with fill color.

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Download Practice Workbook

You can download the practice workbook from here.


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