How to Add a Target Line in an Excel Graph (Easy Steps)

Introduction to Target Line in Excel Graph

When you want to compare performance against a specific goal, adding a target or goal line to an Excel bar graph can be quite useful. These lines can be horizontal for horizontal bar graphs or vertical for vertical bar graphs. By using target lines as benchmarks, individuals or organizations can visually assess the impact of their activities and determine whether any adjustments are necessary.

For example, if a sales team’s daily sales quota is 160, you can draw a goal line on the Y-axis starting from that number. This way, they can easily see if they’ve achieved their daily sales goal.

Dataset Overview

We’ll use a dataset that contains information about several Sales representatives of XYZ group. The Name of the Sales representatives, their sales in several months, and the sales target are given in columns B, C, D, and E respectively. From our dataset, we will set the target of sales as $65,000.00, and make a target line in an Excel graph. To do that, we will use the Insert ribbon as well as the Chart Design ribbon. Here’s an overview of the dataset for our task.

draw target line in excel graph

Step 1 – Creating a Dataset with Proper Parameters in Excel

Begin by creating a dataset that contains sales data for several months, organized by sales representatives. Set the target sales value (e.g., $65,000.00) for the sales representatives.

draw target line in excel graph

Step 2 – Creating Graph from Dataset

Next, use the Insert ribbon in Excel to import a graph from your dataset. Select the range of data you want to include in the graph (e.g., C4 to E14).

draw target line in excel graph

After selecting the data range, go to InsertCharts2-D Column.

This will create a graph based on the dataset.

Step 3 – Drawing the Target Line in Excel Graph

Navigate to the Chart Design ribbon.   Click on Type and then select Change Chart Type. A dialog box will appear.

draw target line in excel graph

In the dialog box, choose Combo. Then, from the Clustered Column drop-down list, select the Line option.

Press OK to apply the changes.

draw target line in excel graph

By following these steps, you’ll successfully draw a target line in your Excel graph. Refer to the screenshot below for a visual representation.

draw target line in excel graph

Things to Remember

  • The #N/A! error occurs when a formula or function fails to find the referenced data.
  • The #DIV/0! error happens when a value is divided by zero 0 or the cell reference is blank.

Download Practice Workbook

You can download the practice workbook from here:

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