How to Restore the Toolbar in Excel (3 Quick Methods)


Method 1 – Use the Ribbon Display Option


  • Go to the top-right corner of the sheet.
  • Click on Ribbon Display Options.

Ribbon Display Option to restore toolbar

We see three options here.

  • Choose either Show Tabs or Show Tabs and Commands options.
  • The Show Tabs option only shows the tabs.

  • The Show Tabs and Commands offer both the tabs and the commands.

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Method 2 – Use a Keyboard Shortcut to Restore Excel Toolbar


  • Apply the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F1 to view the whole ribbon.

  • Look at the worksheet.

Keyboard Shortcut to Restore Excel Toolbar

The toolbar is restored, and all the commands are shown here.

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Method 3 – Close the Excel File and Open it Again

Sometimes, the toolbar in Excel is unavailable for no reason. Just close and reopen the Excel file, and the toolbar will adjust automatically.

Download the Practice Workbook

Download this workbook to practice.

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