How to Insert a Column in Excel (5 Easy Ways)

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In this article, you will learn everything about how to insert a column in Excel. While working in Excel, you might need to insert a new column if you missed it earlier. This is a really easy task and you can do it in various ways. We will show you all possible techniques and methods to insert columns in Excel. I hope you find this article informative and useful. So, let’s get into the main discussion.

How to Insert a Column in Excel (5 Easy Methods)

For ease of understanding, we are going to use a Product List. Let’s get introduced to the data table first. This dataset contains four columns named Product, Product Code, Color, and Price under columns B, C, D, and E respectively.

how to insert a column in excel

Note: This is a basic dataset to keep things simple. In a practical scenario, you may encounter a much larger and more complex dataset.
Therefore, using this dataset, we’ll show 5 easy and quick methods to insert a column in Excel. So, let’s explore these approaches one by one.
Here, we have used the Microsoft Excel 365 version, you may use any other version according to your convenience. Please leave a comment if any part of this article does not work in your version.

1. Using Insert Command

In our first method, we’ll use the Insert command in Excel. Just follow these simple steps.

📌 Steps:

Here, suppose we want to add a column named Size between the Color and the Price columns.

  • So, select Column E.
  • Then, navigate to the Home tab.
  • After that, click on the Insert drop-down icon on the Cells group of commands.
  • Later, select Insert Sheet Columns from the available options.

Using Insert Command

Here is the result below. We can see a new column just between the above-mentioned two columns.

  • Now, give the preferred heading in cell E4.

Using Insert Command to insert a column in Excel

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2. Utilizing Mouse and Keyboard Shortcut

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Are there any shortcut keys? Lucky you! There are shortcut keys for inserting columns in Excel. And our following method describes just that. It’s simple & easy, just follow along.

📌 Steps:

Simply select the entire column from which you want to create a new column on the left side.

  • At first, select Column E and right-click on the column heading E.
  • From the context menu, click on the Insert option from the Context Menu.

Utilizing Mouse and Keyboard Shortcut

However, you can do the same by selecting the column and then pressing SHIFT + CTRL + +.
In this way, the same result as below will occur.

Keyboard shortcut

Now, a new column named Size will be inserted, as shown below.

Utilizing Mouse and Keyboard Shortcut to insert column in Excel

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3. Inserting New Columns Simultaneously for Non-Contiguous Columns

Non-contiguous columns represent the columns that are not adjacent to each other, which means separated columns. Suppose I need columns named ID No. before Product Code and Size before Price. So, what can we do now? Don’t worry. Observe the following steps.

📌 Steps:

  • Firstly, select the entire Product Code named column by clicking on Column C and then press CTRL and select the Price column by clicking on Column E.

In this way, various numbers of non-adjacent columns can be selected.

  • Afterward, follow the steps of Method 1.

Inserting New Column Simultaneously for Non-Contiguous Columns

By following this way, Excel shows two new columns named ID and Size as below.

Selecting columns to insert column in Excel

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4. Inserting Column into a Formatted Table

Sometimes a new column is needed for a formatted table. If you are ever in such a situation, mimic these simple steps.

📌 Steps:

For this, you just have to select the column from which, on the left side, you want a new column. Here, I wanted a column named Size before the Color column, so we must select the Color column.

  • Initially, select cells in the D4:D14 range which is the Color column.
  • Then, go to the Home tab.
  • Next, click on the Insert drop-down.
  • Following this, select the Insert Table Columns to the Left option.

Inserting Column into a Formatted Table

Immediately, you can see a new column with the heading Size formed before the Color column.

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5. Employing VBA Code

You might be wondering, “Is there a way to automate this task?” Then VBA has you covered. Just follow along.

📌 Steps:

  • Primarily, right-click on the sheet name VBA.
  • On the context menu, select the View Code option.

Employing VBA Code

Instantly, it will get us to the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window and Excel will automatically insert a code module for this sheet.

  • Now, paste the two following sub-procedures into the code module.
Sub Insert_Column()
End Sub
Sub Column_Name()
Dim Name: Name = Split("Size")
Sheet6.Range("E4").Resize(1, UBound(Name) + 1) = Name
End Sub

VBA codes to insert column with heading

  • At this time, get back to the worksheet and call the macros. Eventually, you’ll get the following output.

Just watch the following GIF to understand the process quickly.

Employing VBA Code to insert column with heading in Excel

How to Insert Multiple Columns Simultaneously

If you need more than one column before any column, then you have to select the following columns with the same number as the required columns.
As an example, here, I need two columns named Material and Size before the Color column. So, without further delay, let’s dive in!

📌 Steps:

  • First, select the following two columns named Color and Price.
  • Then, right-click on your mouse and click on the Insert option.

How to Insert Multiple Columns Simultaneously

And here’s the result before your eyes.

Inserting Multiple columns in Excel

Practice Section

For doing practice by yourself, we have provided a Practice section like the one below on each sheet on the right side. Please do it yourself.

Download Excel Workbook

You may download the following Excel workbook for better understanding and practice yourself.


This article covers every possible way to insert a column in Excel in a simple and concise manner. Don’t forget to download the Practice file. Thank you for reading this article. We hope this was helpful. Please let us know in the comment section if you have any queries or suggestions. Please visit our website, ExcelDemy, a one-stop Excel solution provider, to explore more.

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