How Do You Fix Missing Gridlines in Excel (5 Easy Ways)

Without gridlines, Excel sheets look empty. Here, we will discuss 5 solutions to fix missing gridlines in Excel.

Fix 1 – Enable Gridlines View from View or Page Layout Tabs

Case 1.1 – Enable Gridlines from the View Tab


  • Go to the View tab.
  • Check the Gridlines option.

Fix Gridlines View from View or Page Layout Tab

  • Check the sheet for gridlines.

Case 1.2 – Enable Gridlines from Page Layout


  • Go to the Page Layout tab.
  • Check the View option under Gridlines.

Enable Gridlines View from View or Page Layout Tab

Fix 2 – Make Changes to the Default Gridline Color


  • Go to File and pick Options. The Excel Options window appears.
  • Go to the Advanced tab.
  • Find he Display options for this worksheet section and check the Show gridlines option.
  • Click on the drop-down for Gridline color.
  • Choose a color from the list.

Change to Default Gridlines Color to fix

  • Press OK.

Fix 3 – Change Cell Fill Color That Overlaps with Gridlines

In this example, the cells have the same fill color as the gridlines, so we need to change the fill.


  • Press Ctrl + A to select the whole sheet.

Change Cell Fill Color to fix Overlaps Gridlines

  • Go to the Fill Color option from the Home tab.
  • Click on the fill bucket.
  • Choose No Fill from the list or select a different color.

Change Cell Fill Color to fix Overlaps Gridlines

  • Look at the worksheet.

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Fix 4 – Remove Conditional Formatting


  • Go to Conditional Formatting from the Home tab.
  • Choose the Clear Rules option from the list.
  • Select Clear Rules from Entire Sheet.

Fix 5 – Check If Gridline Color Is White and Apply a Different One

Sometimes gridlines do not show even when gridlines are enabled if they’re white.


  • Go to File and select Options.
  • Select the Advanced tab in the Excel options window.
  • Scroll to the Display options for those worksheets section.
  • Press the fill bucket for Gridline color.
  • Choose a color that’s not white.
  • Press OK.

Check If Gridlines Color Is White and Apply a Different One to fix

  • Look at the worksheet.

Gridlines are showing exactly here.

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Download Practice Workbook

Download this practice workbook to practice changing gridlines while reading this article.

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