[Fixed] Excel Gridlines Not Showing by Default (3 Solutions)

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Generally, gridlines are visible in an Excel worksheet when you open that workbook. We can nicely visualize and differentiate a cell from the others with the help of Excel gridlines. However, there could be some technical issues which might not show the gridlines by default. The article will show you the possible reasons for Excel gridlines not showing by default and also provide you with corresponding solutions.

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3 Quick Fixes for Gridlines Not Showing by Default in Excel

In the dataset, we have information about some people. You can see that there is no gridline in the Excel sheet. We will provide you with the remedy to this problem.

excel gridlines not showing by default

1. Enabling Show Gridlines Option

The most common reason for Excel not showing the gridlines in a sheet is that someone may turn off the Show Gridline option from the View Tab. Let’s go through the process below for a better understanding.


  • First, review your worksheet and then go to the View Tab.
  • After that, check Gridlines.

Next, you will see your workbook filled with the gridlines.

excel gridlines not showing by default

Thus you can fix the problem of Excel not showing gridlines by default.

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2. Using Suitable Color to Show Gridlines

There will be no gridlines visible if someone set the wrong color for the gridlines by mistake. Even checking Gridlines from the View Tab won’t be useful in this case. Let’s follow the highlight reel given below.


  • First, go to the File You can notice that the Gridlines option is checked but none of them are visible on the sheet.

  • Next, select Options.

excel gridlines not showing by default

  • In the Options window, select Advanced.
  • After that, go to Display options for this worksheet and select Gridline color. You can see that the color is set to White. Choose a suitable color for the gridlines of your Excel sheet.
  • Thereafter, click OK.

This operation will make the gridlines visible again in the Excel worksheet.

excel gridlines not showing by default

Thus you can fix Excel gridlines not showing by applying the right color for the gridlines.

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3. Repair or Reinstall Office 365

If you cannot get the gridlines in your worksheet by applying the above two methods, your Microsoft Office software may have some bugs which prevent the gridlines to appear. There are some tricks to get over this problem. Let’s go through the procedures below for a better understanding.


  • First, open the Excel workbook in Safe Mode. To do that, select the Excel workbook, then press and hold the CTRL key and then press ENTER.
  • After that, a dialog box will pop up asking if you want to open the application file in the Safe Mode.
  • Next, click Yes.

Your problem is fixed if your Excel sheet has gridlines after that operation. Otherwise, you need to repair your Office software.

  • To repair your Office apps, open the Control Panel
  • After that, select Uninstall a Program.

excel gridlines not showing by default

  • Thereafter, select Microsoft 365 Apps and right-click on it.
  • Select Change.

  • Later, another window will pop up with two options: Quick Repair and Online Repair, select any of your choices. The screenshot could not be taken of this step because the screen was locked for security reasons.
  • If the above process also doesn’t work, you need to uninstall the Microsoft 365 Apps and install them again. Keep in mind that you need the original activation key before installing the Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise.
  • After installation, you should restart your computer.

I hope the above procedure will solve your problem of Excel gridlines not showing by default if you have faced it.

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Suffice to say, we can pull the bottom line considering that you will be able to fix Excel gridlines not showing by default after reading this article. If you have any better methods or questions or feedback regarding this article, please share them in the comment box. This will help me enrich my upcoming articles. For more queries, kindly visit our website ExcelDemy.

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