How to Get Gridlines Back in Excel (5 Possible Solutions)

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Excel is a powerful software. We can perform numerous operations on our datasets using Excel tools and features. Excel worksheets contain the Gray-colored Gridlines by default. Gridlines make it easier for us to detect individual cells. Hence, we can select the desired cell or cell range and input data into them. But sometimes, these gridlines may go missing from the excel worksheet due to various reasons. And this may bring complications. In this article, we’ll show you 5 possible solutions to Get Gridlines Back in Excel.

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5 Possible Solutions to Get Gridlines Back in Excel

To illustrate, we’ll use a sample dataset as an example. For instance, the following dataset represents the Salesman, Product, and Net Sales. In this dataset, you can see that the gridlines are not visible. This article will show you the easy ways to bring back the missing gridlines.

1. Get Gridlines Back Through Excel View Tab

The most common reason for invisible gridlines is that it stays turned off. Users may disable the gridlines by mistake. Therefore, follow the steps below to activate the gridlines.


  • First, go to the View tab.
  • Subsequently, in the Show section, check the box for Gridlines.
  • Look at the following figure to understand it properly.

Get Gridlines Back Through Excel View Tab

  • Thus, you’ll get the gridlines back in your excel worksheet.

Get Gridlines Back Through Excel View Tab

2. Set Default Color of Gridlines in Excel

However, if White is set as the default color for gridlines, you won’t see the gridlines. The reason behind this is that the background of the excel worksheet is also White. So we won’t be able to distinguish the white gridlines from the white background. Now, learn the following steps to set the default color of Excel Gridlines in such a way that we can see them.


  • Firstly, go to the File tab.
  • Then, click Options.

Set Default Color of Gridlines in Excel

  • As a result, the Excel Options dialog box will pop out.
  • After that, select the Advanced tab.
  • Now, under the Display options for this worksheet section, click the Gridline color drop-down icon.
  • Next, choose Automatic or any other color except White.
  • Press OK.

Set Default Color of Gridlines in Excel

  • Finally, it’ll return the gridlines.
  • See the below picture to get a better understanding.

Set Default Color of Gridlines in Excel

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3. Remove White Borders from Cells to Get Gridlines

Moreover, the gridlines can go missing from a certain range of cells. In the below dataset, the B4:D10 cell range doesn’t have gridlines. This can happen due to some reasons. One possible cause could be the use of white borders for the selected cell range. So, follow the process below to Remove White Borders from Excel Cells to Display Gridlines.

Remove White Borders from Excel Cells to Get Gridlines


  • First of all, choose the range B4:D10.
  • Next, press the Ctrl and 1 keys together.
  • As a result, the Format Cells dialog box will appear.
  • Here, you’ll see the color is set to White under the Border tab.
  • In the Presets field, click None.
  • Press OK afterward.

Remove White Borders from Excel Cells to Get Gridlines

  • In this way, you’ll get the desired gridlines in the range B4:D10.

Remove White Borders from Excel Cells to Get Gridlines

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4. Avoid Color Overlay to Get Gridlines Back

Again, if we fill the excel worksheet with white color, we won’t see the gridlines. So, we must avoid this white color overlay. Hence, learn the following process for avoiding color overlay to make gridlines visible.


  • In the beginning, press the Ctrl and A keys simultaneously.
  • Thus, it’ll select the entire worksheet.
  • Then, under the Home tab, click the Fill Color drop-down icon.
  • After that, choose No Fill.

  • Accordingly, you’ll see the gridlines reappear in the worksheet.

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5. Clear Conditional Formatting Rules in Excel

Sometimes, due to some conditional formatting rules, the gridlines can go missing. In the B4:D10 cell range in the below dataset, there are no gridlines as the cells are not blank. If we can clear the rule, the gridlines will reappear immediately. Therefore, go through the steps below to carry out the operation.


  • Firstly, click the Conditional Formatting drop-down icon in the Home tab.
  • Then, select Clear Rules.
  • Subsequently, choose Clear Rules from Entire Sheet.

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Henceforth, you will be able to Get Gridlines Back in Excel following the above-described solutions. Keep using them and let us know if you have more ways to do the task. Follow the ExcelDemy website for more articles like this. Don’t forget to drop comments, suggestions, or queries if you have any in the comment section below.

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