How to Add and Format Data Labels in Excel Treemap

Unquestionably, Excel has an intuitive and convenient graphing engine that can add stunning visuals and breathe new life into any dataset. For instance, you may have a hierarchical dataset that you want to represent in a Treemap. Additionally, you may want to add data labels to your treemap chart in Excel. Fortunately, in this article, we’ll describe how to add and format data labels to Treemap in Excel. Moreover, we’ll also learn to make a treemap with multiple levels.

Data Labels in Treemap Chart in Excel: Add and Format

First of all, let’s consider the Sales Dataset shown in the B4:C12 cells which contains the names of Items and their corresponding Sales in USD. Here, we want to insert a Treemap chart and then add data labels to the treemap in Excel. Therefore, let’s explore all the nitty-gritty and see each step with the appropriate illustration.

excel treemap data labels

Here, we have used the Microsoft Excel 365 version; you may use any other version according to your convenience.

2 Steps to Add Data Labels in Excel Treemap

In the following section, we’ll go through the steps to insert a Treemap chart in Excel and add the data labels to it. Hence, just follow along.

📌 Step 01: Insert Treemap

  • First, go to the Insert tab >> click the Insert Hierarchy Chart drop-down >> choose the Treemap chart option.

Insert Treemap

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📌 Step 02: Add Data Labels from Chart Elements

  • Second, click the Chart Elements option >> enable the Data Labels option.

Add Data Labels from Chart Elements

Voila! Just like that, we’ve added the data labels. It’s that simple.

adding Excel treemap data labels

5 Ways to Format Data Labels in Excel Treemap

Obviously, after adding we may want to edit the data labels, so in the following segments, we’ll discuss how to add Series Name, Category Name, Value, and Show Numbers in the Excel Treemap chart.

1. Working with Series Name

  • To begin with, select the chart >> click the Chart Elements option >> In the Data Labels option, choose More Data Label Options.

Working with Series Name

Now, this opens the Format Data Labels pane.

  • Next, enable the Series Name option.

Adding Series Name

Finally, the results should look like the figure shown below.

adding series name in excel treemap data labels

2. Dealing with Category Name

  • First and foremost, click on the chart >> press the Chart Elements button >> navigate to Data Labels >> select More Data Label Options.

Dealing with Category Name

  • Then, in the Format Data Labels pane, check the Category Name option.

Adding category name

Lastly, this should categorize the various items as shown in the screenshot below.

Adding category name with excel treemap data labels

3. Showing Value in Chart

  • First of all, proceed to the More Data Labels Option by following the steps shown prior.

Showing Value in Chart

Eventually, this opens the Format Data Labels window.

  • At this point, click the Value option.

Enabling value option

Consequently, this results in the output shown in the picture below.

enabling value with excel treemap data labels

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4. Engaging with Number Option

  • In the first place, navigate to the D5 cell >> enter the following expression into the Formula Bar >> use the Fill Handle tool to copy the formula into the cells below.


In this situation, the C5 cell refers to the “Blender Sales of $3,056” while the C5:C12 range of cells represents the “Sales” column.

📃 Note: Please make sure to use Absolute Cell Reference by pressing the F4 key on your keyboard and change the cell formatting to a percentage by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + 5 keys.

Engaging with Number Option

  • In turn, jump to the Insert tab >> choose the Treemap chart option.

  • Afterward, use the Chart Elements option to move to More Data Label Options.

Formatting chart

  • Not long after, switch on the Category Name and Value options >> choose the Percentage option.

switching on the Category Name and Value options choose the Percentage option.

Subsequently, the final output displays the percentage of “Total Sales” represented by each item.

adding number option with excel treemap data labels

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5. Changing the Alignment of Data Labels

Excel doesn’t accept alignment changing of data labels. The built-in format is the data labels will be on the left side of the chart. You can change this format which is a manual process. Let’s see the steps.

Format data labels

  • Select the chart >> from the Chart Design option >> go to Quick Layout >> choose Layout 3 [Shows the following chart element – Legend (bottom)].

Changing Chart Layout

  • Now, from Insert tab >> go to Text group >> choose Text Box >> drag the box on the chart.

Inserting Text Box on Chart

  • Select that box >> from Shape Format >> go to Shape Fill >> select No Fill >> go to Shape Outline >> select No Outline.

Changing Shape Format

  • Write the correct data label (TV) on 1st portion. Here, you can get help from the legends situated at the bottom of the chart.
  • Then, select that text >> from the Home tab >> change the Font color >> make it Bold >> make the alignment Middle and Center.

Adding Data Labels in Excel Treemap

  • Copy the 1st Text Box by pressing CTRL+C >> paste it by using CTRL+V >> re-write the correct data labels on each portion.
  • Lastly, select all of the text boxes >> right-click on mouse >> from Context Menu Bar >> make them a Group.
  • So, if you move the chart, then you must move the text boxes too. Here, I have converted them into one group so I can move them at once.

Add and Format Data Labels in Excel Treemap

Note: This is a completely manual process. So, when you are changing the chart data, the data labels will not be auto-updated. In that case, you must update the data labels manually.

How to Add Multiple Levels in Excel Treemap

For one thing, we can add multiple levels to our Treemap chart in Excel. Now, let’s assume the Categorized Sales Data shown in the B4:D15 cells, which depicts the Category, the Item, and the Sales in USD.

How to Add Multiple Levels in Excel Treemap

📌 Steps:

  • To start with, proceed to the Insert tab >> Select the Treemap chart option.

  • Second, press Chart Elements >> go to More Data Labels Options.

  • Third, insert check marks for the Category Name and Value options.

Selecting Category Name and Value option

  • Fourth, choose the Series Options >> click on Banner.

Checking Banner option

Finally, after completing the above steps, the final result appears in the picture below.

excel multiple level treemap data labels

Practice Section

We have provided a Practice section on the right side of each sheet so you can practice yourself. Please make sure to do it by yourself.

Practice Section excel treemap data labels

Download Practice Workbook


To sum up, we hope this article helps you understand how to add data labels to Treemap in Excel. Now, if you have any queries, please leave a comment below.

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