[Fixed!] Excel Sheet Tabs Hidden behind Taskbar (4 Solutions)

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Usually, there is more than one worksheet that we work on in our Excel workbook. Therefore, viewing the sheet tabs is essential. We switch between the sheets all the time. But there might be some scenarios where the sheet tabs stay hidden, which becomes an issue for us. In this article, we’ll show you the possible reasons and solutions for the Excel Sheet Tabs Hidden behind the Taskbar problem.

Excel Sheet Tabs Hidden Behind Taskbar: 4 Solutions

1. Maximize Excel Window

Restoring the Excel Window is the most common problem with the Sheet Tabs hidden behind the Taskbar. In the following picture, we can guess that the sheet tabs are behind the taskbar.

Maximize Excel Window to Solve Excel Sheet Tabs Hidden behind Taskbar Issue

Hence, follow the steps below to solve the issue.


  • First, go to the upper-right corner of your Excel window.
  • Then, press the Maximize icon boxed in red in the following picture.

Maximize Excel Window to Solve Excel Sheet Tabs Hidden behind Taskbar Issue

  • As a result, you’ll get to see all the sheet tabs, as shown below.

2. Resolve with Excel File Options

However, due to specific undesired changes in the Excel File Options, we may not see the sheet tabs in our Excel window. So, learn the following steps to get rid of those changes:


  • Firstly, go to File in the Excel window.
  • As a result, the File window will pop out.
  • After that, select Options.

Resolve Sheet Tabs Hidden behind Taskbar Problem Through Excel File Options

  • Consequently, the Excel Options dialog box will emerge.
  • Now, press the Advanced tab.
  • Next, check the box for Show sheet tabs under the Display options for this workbook section.

Resolve Sheet Tabs Hidden behind Taskbar Problem Through Excel File Options

  • Lastly, press OK. It’ll return the Excel window with the sheet tabs now visible.

3. Adjust Horizontal Bar Size in Excel Status Bar

Again, a pretty long horizontal bar present just above the Excel status bar can block the view of sheet tabs. It’s demonstrated below to give you a better understanding.

Adjust Horizontal Bar Size in Status Bar for Solving Sheet Tabs Hidden Issue

But the adjustment of the bar size is very easy. We just have to drag the bar boundary to our liking. Therefore, follow the given process to carry out the operation.


  • First of all, locate the horizontal bar, which you will see over the status bar.
  • Subsequently, drag the left-side boundary of the bar while clicking the mouse.
  • At last, you’ll see the sheet tabs.

4. Sort out with Format Drop-Down

Additionally, there can be cases where a single sheet tab or multiple sheet tabs are absent. It happens when we accidentally hide a sheet. Now, learn the following procedure for solving the problem of Excel Sheet Tabs Hidden behind the Taskbar.


  • Select the Format drop-down icon, which you’ll get in the Cells section under the Home tab at first.
  • Then, select Hide & Unhide under the Visibility in the pop-out list.
  • Afterward, press Unhide Sheet.

Sort out Excel Sheet Tabs Hidden Problem with Format Drop-Down

  • As a result, the Unhide dialog box will appear.
  • There, select the desired sheet.

Sort out Excel Sheet Tabs Hidden Problem with Format Drop-Down

  • In the end, you’ll get all your sheets in the sheet tabs.

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Download Practice Workbook

Download the following workbook to practice by yourself.


Henceforth, you will be able to sort out the Excel Sheet Tabs Hidden behind Taskbar issue following the above-described solutions. Keep using them and let us know if you have more ways to do the task. Don’t forget to drop comments, suggestions, or queries if you have any in the comment section below.

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