[Solved] Excel Files Not Opening in Separate Windows (4 Solutions)

Opening Excel files in different windows helps analyze two or multiple sheets by viewing them side by side. But sometimes Excel files may not be opened in separate windows. In this article, you will 4 solutions to fix Excel files not opening in separate windows issues.

Reason for Not Opening in Separate Windows

The error we’re talking about had been frequently seen in the earlier versions of Excel. Because the interface type Excel used then only allow a single parent window. Another window will be opened only when the existing one gets closed.

In short, In the recent versions of Microsoft Excel, there’s a dedicated command called New Window. This command can open the same Excel sheet in multiple windows.

However, in the older versions of MS Excel, you may find this command missing. Thus, you may face Excel files not opening in separate windows.

Excel Files Not Opening in Separate Windows: 4 Easy Solutions

1. Opening Separate Windows of Excel from Taskbar

If you face problems opening your Excel files in several multiple windows, you can do it from the Taskbar.

But first of all, you need to pin your Excel program in the Taskbar.

For that,

❶ Go to your Windows Search Bar and type Excel.

❷ Then, click on Pin to taskbar.

❸ After that, open an Excel file normally.

❹ Then, press and hold the SHIFT key.

❺ Now, click again on the Excel icon from your Taskbar.

This will create a new blank Excel window.

❻ After that, drag another Excel file over the newly opened blank Excel window.

Opening Excel from Taskbar to Solve Excel Files Not Opening in Separate Windows

After that, the Excel file will open in a different window. Later, you can position them in a better way and have your side-by-side comparison view.

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2. Solve Excel Files Not Opening in Separate Windows Using Start Menu

The second solution is to open the Excel program from the Start Menu.

To do that,

❶ Go to the windows search box and type Excel.

❷ Then, click on Open to start the Excel program.

One Excel window will open.

Solve Excel Files Not Opening in Separate Windows Using Start Menu

To open multiple Excel windows, repeat the above process multiple times.

So, this is how you can solve the problem, Excel files are not opening in separate windows.

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3. Creating Excel Shortcut for Opening in Separate Windows

Another way to open Excel files to multiple separate windows is to use the Excel shortcut button.

For that,

❶ Click on the Windows button from the bottom-left corner of your home screen.

❷ Find the Excel program in the left-most column of the pop-up program list.

Drag the Excel icon from the program list to your Desktop home screen.

This will create a shortcut button for the Excel program.

Creating an Excel Shortcut to Fix Excel Files Not Opening in Separate Windows

❹ Now double-click on the Excel icon and it will open an Excel window.

❺ Double-click again and it will create the next Excel window.

You can repeat this process multiple times to open the Excel field in multiple separate windows.

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4. Using New Window Command

If you are a user of a recent version of Excel there is a piece of good news for you, you can avoid all the hassle of earlier described methods, only a couple of clicks may complete the work for you. If you want to open the same Excel sheet in multiple windows, you can use the New Window command.

For that after opening an Excel sheet,

❶ Go to the View tab.

❷ Then click on New Window from the Window drop-down.

Using New window command to Fix Excel Files Not Opening in Separate Windows

This command will open the active sheet in a separate window.

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To sum up, we have discussed 4 solutions regarding Excel files not opening in separate windows. You are recommended to download the practice workbook attached with this article and practice all the methods. And don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the comment section below. We will try to respond to all the relevant queries asap.

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